AutoModia – Automotive Media

This is AutoModia.

AM is a simple dream of mine to bring local enthusiasts and local automotive shops together.  There are no fancy cameras and nothing out of this world when it comes to the way AutoModia is supposed to function.  It is a grassroots campaign to help the little guy gain some social media exposure and hopefully to help push people to realize their own dreams.

Q.  What can you expect from AutoModia?

A.  Weekly spotlights on local automotive shops and weekly spotlights on the local rides of my fellow automotive enthusiasts.

AM does not discriminate against any make or model of vehicle.  There is no discrimination if your shop specializes in only one type of car.  Automotive enthusiasm should not be limited to one type of car.  That enthusiasm should reach over all brands and nameplates, imports and domestics, basic and exotic.

All that being said there is still some groundwork to be done here.  More updates and AM’s first spotlight is coming very soon.  In the meantime please enjoy this beautiful 1970 Boss 302.



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