Houston, We Have a Problem.

What do you get when you mix a metropolitan area with a population estimated at 6.1 million people mixed with our current automotive community?

Answer:  Houston, we have a problem.

A not so long, long time ago in a galaxy that is located in our backyards, Houston, was a serious spot on the map.  A spot that garnered a lot of attention from a lot of big name automotive events.  I would like to call them car shows, but lets face it, these were major events.  They drew in crowds of tremendous size and brought in cars from across the nation.  These events were the type that everyone planned months in advance for to make sure that they could afford to go and/or participate.  I have participated in almost every facet of the shows that made it through Houston, domestic and import alike.  Both came with their own style of putting on a car show.  Both very similar and yet very different at the same time.  I personally enjoyed the hell out of them.

Insert a mixture of social media takeover vs. the recession.  The effect these two items had on what we held so near and dear to our hearts has stuck around through thick and thin.  Businesses started shutting down and some closed their doors for good.  Adjustments needed to be made very quickly.  Here is where we see the takeover of social media.  Social media IS a great, no…fantastic thing.  People from across the world are able to keep in contact with one another through numerous outlets.  Pictures and videos can be seen worldwide within mere minutes of them being shot.  These businesses would take a lot of their automotive coverage viral to try to keep up with the demands of the end-user.  The end-user being the average automotive enthusiast.  With access to 50 pictures of any of these well-built cars at their fingertips there was really no use for our beloved events anymore.

Out of all this a few very great events have emerged.  I need to take this opportunity to thank Import Faceoff and Import Reactor for keeping our community alive and giving all of us a venue to express ourselves through our cars.  We can also give great mention to those car meets that have stood the test of time as well.  Meets like Coffee and Cars, Planet Zero, and the various small meets that pop up all over the city.  These weekly/monthly meets help bring together all parts of our great automotive community.

At the end of the day it is up to the end-user to participate and help make our great city that serious spot on the map again.  I am in no way saying that social media should not be used.  Lets face it…it aint going anywhere.  However, we need to keep the negativity that these outlets brings down and support the positive growth of our community.  Houston needs to be on the list of stops for any major automotive events that form in the future.  We need to do our part to keep Houston in the back of the organizers minds.  We NEED more big events.  We are capable of so much more.  AutoModia is here to help push that positive growth and to help in any way possible with our automotive community.

We got this.



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