We All Know Him, as Los!

 Way back before websites like Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace really took hold of social media there was a short video that made its way around the internet.  Within said video was a Civic hatchback racing a Dodge Viper.  Anyone that has been around for long enough will know the exact video in reference.  The Civic beats the Viper in a drag race down one of Houston’s old illegal street racing areas.  These days places like this are just referred to as “Mexico.”  Los, who at the time drove a Z28, came across this video and like many of us was struck with disbelief.  He set out on a small journey to find the origins of this car and the people involved with it.  This lead him to a website and car club called the Import Car Club of Houston (ICCH).  All of this lead him to new friends, new family, and eventually he became the Business Manager of http://www.houston-imports.com

 As H-I has grown to where it is today there have been many challenges pop up along the way.  You don’t get to be one of the top forums in a city of 6 million+ people without a few issues.  The busiest forums (on H-I) seem to attract the most attention and one of those is the “For Sale” forum.  The staff over at Houston Imports does everything they can to try to thwart all of the spammers and scammers that try to make their way into the pockets of it’s members.  There have even been a few instances where local law enforcement has been brought in to solve some of these issues.  Many of the forums on H-I bring many different challenges.  Getting the members that have been around for a while to play nice with the new members is an issue that comes up from time to time.  One of the wishes that Los has for the website is that it be a little more “noob” friendly.  With the bad, however, always comes the good.  Houston Imports has been the staging point for many long-lasting friendships, many well established car meets, and it has the ability to be able to bring folks together for any cause.  Looking into the future Los would like to see the board build more relationships with more media sponsors.  He would like to see the growth of the board while still keeping it beneficial to the members. 

 Interaction with H-I and being a true car enthusiast at heart has brought many friends and “2nd family” into Los’ life.  His love for all things automotive gives him a chance to meet people from many facets of our community, not just the import side.  When he isn’t at work, helping with Houston Imports, or turning the screws on a project car you can find Los hanging out with his friends and family.  One of the biggest challenges Los has personally had to face was moving away from the area for work.  This caused separation from his friends and family which is a serious challenge to any one of us.  After finally getting back to Houston, everything just naturally fell back to the way it was because miles and time do not separate true friends.  Let’s face it, Houston is a great city, we all know that!   To lessen the blow of being so busy Los can definitely see himself in an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo.  One of those cars that makes enough power to ease any car enthusiasts mind. 

dark picture is dark!

 I’d like to wish Los and H-I the best of luck in the future.  Getting through the day in just a regular Gallardo seems OK as well.



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