Do Work On the Fit!

Many people get wrapped up in seeing just how many parts they can put on their car to make it the way they want.  This couldn’t be any farther from the truth for Autrey and his 2009 Honda Fit.  The acronym that best fits this…Fit (no pun intended) is KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  If you take offense to the word stupid please substitute the word studly or sorcerer or whatever bakes your muffin.  Autrey’s mod list reads real easy.  Buddy Club N+ coilovers, BBS RS wheels (16×9 +14 16×8.5 +20), an FA5 JDM rear Honda badge, and pulled/rolled fenders.  That’s it.  Well, he says he has spent more on getting stickers from Underground Graphics than he did on the suspension itself (lol?).  These stickers represent Team Sunworks, his business at DWS Parts, and of course any parts and sponsors for the car itself.

Future plans for this beauty include a full Mugen Lip Kit as well as a new set of custom wheels.  He keeps this car clean and very well maintained considering that the day after we took these photos he drove it up to Dallas for a meet.  The Fit averages in the 3,000 miles per month range and certainly doesn’t show it.  Autrey’s favorite parts of this car is the mpg (of course) and driving it this low…all the time.

Pulling this good looking Fit in-between these two buildings had me making faces that only Ace Ventura would understand.  I love a good low car as much as the next guy, but, this was so close!  It was my idea for the location and if Autrey would have lost a bumper I would have felt horrible.  Then we turned around and saw that the front entrance was a glassy-smooth section of pavement that seemed to have been laid by the car gods themselves (facepalm?).

When he isn’t sitting behind the wheel (3,000 miles a month, when is he not driving?) you can find Autrey piloting his shop called DWS Parts.  You will be able to read more about DWS Parts in a few weeks right here on AutoModia.  He got his start in modifying cars way back in the day with the local street racing crowd.  This quickly led him through 19 cars, mostly imports, with a few domestics scattered in here and there.  “I’m in your face” is his favorite line from the “Fast and Furious” franchise.  Anyone can tell that this car will be in the faces of many with all the hard work and dedication that Autrey has shown so far.  Time can only tell if his hard work will lead him to the promised land, the keys and title to his dream car, an Ariel Atom.  One can only hope and then beg for a ride!

I’d like to thank Autrey for his time and I can’t wait to see the next round of mods for his Fit.  Next time I will be sure to remove the damn camera bag from the pictures I take.



3 thoughts on “Do Work On the Fit!”

    1. Thanks for looking through the blog…I really appreciate it. I am not a professional photographer or writer. This is my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. And so far it is doing pretty well.

      What you can look forward to in the future is collaborations between AM and our local photographers. These are guys that have the equipment and know how to make these cars jump right off the screen. I am a little over a month into AM so its just going to take time for these things to hit the blog.

      Again, thanks for looking and I hope you come back around in the future.


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