Paul Morgan, the JDM What?

The license plate on Paul Morgan’s 2005 S2000 officially says “JDM JEW.”  This is an S2000 that rocks the full assortment of Top Secret exterior goodies including the front bumper, vented CF hood, CF rear diffuser, and CF GT2 rear spoiler.  These items are complimented by a set of J’s Racing sideskirts and Craft Square CF mirrors.  A full set of JDM Honda badges and custom black paint with a red metallic pearl round out the beautiful exterior of this S2000.

Keeping this beauty attached to the road is a set Ground Control Coilovers matched to a set of Koni Adjustables.  The body is kept straight by a Cusco strut tower bar, Cusco front lower member bar, Cusco rear lower bar, and CR front and rear swaybars.  Contact to the pavement comes via a set of Super Advan V2’s and BF Goodrich KDW2’s.  Stoptech drilled and slotted rotors mated a set of Hawk brake pads got the call for stopping duty.

Paul replaced the already adequate S2000 seats with Bride Digos and Crow 4pt. harnesses.  The Cusco 6pt. roll cage done in a custom metallic red keep the car stiff and safe.  Steering is accomplished via a Personal steering wheel that is attached by a Works Bell hub adapter.  His favorite Justin Bieber songs are delivered to his ears by an Alpine sound system and a custom enclosure for the subwoofer.

The engine is no slouch in this machine either.  This 2.2L motor has a full host of ARC goodies that includes the cold air box.  Scaring the crap out of all the small children in his neighborhood is accomplished via a Berk Technology header, Berk Technology test pipe, and Invidia 70mm exhaust system.  Among all the other bells, whistles, and shiny bits that help this motor do what it does is a custom tuned ECU.  At some point in time the “full tilt boogie” will come via a full turbo kit.

Paul got his start with cars as a young boy hanging around the Datsun dealership his father worked at.  You “young-ins” need to look up Datsun if that confuses you.  That early fascination led him to own cars such as a Dodge Daytona Shelby Turbo, a 1985 Celica GTS hatch, a 1996 Mustang Cobra, a BMW M Roadster, and a G35 coupe.  Each of these had their own spirit, their own set of modifications, and their own place in his heart.  This S2000 is his second one and he has put over 78k miles on the odometer from brand new.  Paul has a 1991 Toyota Supra waiting around to be worked on and would ultimately like to own an R34 V-Spec II Skyline.  He spends his employed hours working at Baker Tuning (Baker Nissan).  He sells all of those parts that most of us drool over and gets to help build full cars for his customers as well.  All of this affords Paul an interesting opportunity to connect with his fellow enthusiasts on many different levels.  And…this is a big AND…Paul is the only person at Baker Nissan that is certified to sell the new GTR.  When he isn’t sitting behind the desk at Baker Tuning you will usually find Paul hanging out with his fiance (wife by now?) or hanging out with us regular folk over at Planet Zero.

I’d like to thank Paul for letting me hang around for a few hours.  I had the opportunity to see the sale and delivery of a GTR almost from start to finish.  Something that few will have an opportunity to witness.  I also require a ride in the next GTR.  Look for a spotlight on Baker Tuning in the very near future.  The amount of awesome stuff lurking around that place is mind-bottling!!!



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