Access Zero 60, 5 years and counting!

What.  A.  Night!  I think the following picture explains it all…and this was around 9:30pm.

I got to Planet Zero to get prepared for the night at roughly 7pm.  What surprised me was that there were already people there wanting to get their spots for the nights festivities.  The meet itself was still 2 hours away from really getting under way.  So all the volunteers (including myself) saddled up and we were off to figure out the details of the night.  This was the first time that an Access Zero would be charging for premium spots.  Something that is unheard of in our community.  The paid spots went off without a hitch.  This money is then turned around to pay for the Houston police officers that patrol the lot and keep the “riff-raff” to a bare minimum.  With tonights turnout I think there were 6 total officers at one point.  So a huge thanks to our boys and girls in blue.

As the night got underway we got samplings from DJ Tito, Sven Neer, and DJ Heavygrinder.  This led to what I have dubbed as “Club PZ.”  People were dancing in the street and enjoying every second of music that was played.  I think I even saw someone doing the “Running Man.”

A huge thanks needs to go out to John Leigh of Planet Zero.  He has supported our local community for years with Access Zero.  Houston is lucky to have a guy that is this dedicated to our community.  Now on with the cars and people….

This is just a sampling of many…and I had a blast tonight.



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