The Devil is in the Road Rage Details!

David Powell, a car detailer by day, steps through the entrance of his super secret hideout.  He dawns a special suit and a utility belt and emerges on the other side as, well, a car detailer.  If you hit the switch on your Road Rage Detail spotlight and point it up at the sky (or just give him a call) he will show up and perform superhero style magic on your car’s paint.  Swirl marks?  Gone.  Water Spots?  Gone.  Stains from your best friend puking out your window?  Gone.  Then in a puff of smoke from one of those cool ninja disappearing smoke bombs, David is gone too.  What you are left with is a car with immaculate paint that some may just confuse for a mirror.  His abilities to make your paint look and feel as smooth as silk is something we may consider a superhero type ability.  Quotes from fans and customers alike range from “Good stuff Dave. That MR2 looks like a damn mirror now” to “Awesome work.”

David really didn’t expect to be where he is today when he began detailing his parents cars around age 14.  He spent two whole days detailing his mom’s Acura Legend before picking up his date for senior prom (was she that hot or was David just that anal?).  All of this led him to where he is today at Road Rage Detail.  After he gets home from his regular job, and about 14 minutes of rest, he is off to make someone smile via a very clean car.  While he still stays rather mobile with his business he has had the opportunity to move into a more permanent home.  An opportunity that just kind of fell into his lap.

When you see him pull up in his Civic please note that he imagines it to be one of the classic Mako Shark Corvettes.  If he is like any other normal enthusiast he probably makes the engine noises of a Corvette while cruising around.  I know I do the same in my xB.  While David has quite a few victories everyday with his customers cars there are quite a few challenges.  Some of the bigger challenges he faces with his day-to-day work at RRD is scheduling cars to get detailed and keeping up with new products.  Now that David has a shop he can focus getting bigger and better tools to help him do his work.  Peeking into the future David would like to have a line of products that “Make other shops cry.”  He would like to be one of the great shops of our area within 5 years (or tomorrow if he had his way).

One look at his work you can tell that he isn’t just throwing soap and water at a car.  Talk to David for 5 minutes and you know that he is serious about his work.  I have no doubt that you will soon be hearing a lot more from David in the very near future.  Big thanks to Mr. Powell for letting me stop by to chat.



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