PSA: Forever a Cone!

 This Public Service Announcement is brought to you, in part, by AutoModia.

 There is a very neglected and very vital member of our local car meets that needs some attention.  This member works tirelessly hour after hour guarding its post.  You can rough it up, run it over, step on it, or throw it across the parking lot to your buddy.  At the end of the night you will always find that it has made its way back to its post.  I am, of course, referring to the orange cone.

 It never complains.  It never asks for a break.  It takes whatever you can throw at it.  This soldier of the car meet is the most steadfast individual that is not on the payroll.  Its services are not unique, yet, it never falters.  Most of the time they stand alone.  Sometimes they find a buddy…

 Sometimes they find a group of buddies to hang out with…

 Sometimes they do unspeakable things to each other…. 😡

 No matter what the weather looks like, the cone is always manning its post.  So please, remember the cones. 

 Forever a Cone!



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