The Deaner and His Ford Focus!

“‘Simple but loud” were the exact words that Dean used to describe his 2002 Ford Focus ZX5.  A car that is draped in twilight blue paint and sports white 17×9 Cobra R replica wheels at each corner.  Sitting in between the lips of these seemingly monstrous wheels(for a Focus) are 205/40R17 Falken Ziex 512 tires.  Wait, a 205mm tire on a 9″ wide wheel?  Yes, we call it stretch and Dean pulled it off nicely.  Bringing the tops of the fender arches closer to the wheels is a set of KW V1 coilovers, SPC camber plates, and Dominant Engineering rear camber arms.  Some enthusiasts call being low a lifestyle and indeed it is as this car is daily driven at this height.  Anyone that has spent more than 90 seconds on the roads around here knows that this isn’t something to be taken lightly.  A lot of “paved” roads require something in the 4×4 category just to navigate to the local Starbucks.  Feeding the engine in this beauty is an AEM short ram intake and Focus Sport spark plug wires.  A Borla cat-back exhaust lets the fumes out in a timely manner and all this is kept in check by an SCT XCAL2.

If you can manage to get past the bright white wheels you will notice that the outside has followed that simple path as well.  The 1998 R/S Collection Replica front bumper and ST170 headlights are complimented nicely by the OEM European rear bumper with functional lighting.  These are all connected by an SVT rear spoiler and SVT sideskirts.  With a little more prodding you will find a host of other European goodies attached to this Focus that were never offered in North America.  The rear wiper, the taillights, the front grille, and even the key to the hood made their way from across the pond.

Dean gets his kicks inside his Focus via a Pioneer Navigation system, 2 12″ Blaupunkt subwoofers, and a full set of Kicker DS speakers.  These are all complimented by a European radio bezel, clock, and HVAC controls.  Did Ford leave Dean the keys to one of their European offices?

At some point in the future Dean would like to add a turbo kit to this Euro-beauty so it is no longer a “slocus.”  With the Focus getting the call for daily duties it is more than just a good looker.  It is a car that is obviously well taken care of on a daily basis.  When Dean isn’t wrapped up in his Focus you can usually find him working at Best Buy or trying to start his own graphics company.  Like many of us, Dean carries a true love for driving.  Sometimes you just have to get out there and cruise right?  Although if he had his druthers, this cruising would be done in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia.  Who can disagree with that?  Anyone?

The man himself...

Overall this car was a beauty to shoot.  All I want to know is can I borrow the keys to that Ford office in Europe?



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