Coffee and Cars: A Sea of Cameras!

 It was great to see the many hundreds of cameras walking around Coffee and Cars this morning.  These cameras came in all shapes and sizes.  I saw phones, point-and-shoots, DSLRs, and one guy was walking around taking pics with his Ipad (lol).

 The only issue with all of these photos I see get taken is that they all disappear into computers and storage systems.  They never see the light and Houston never gets the credit for having great events such as Coffee and Cars.  Regardless of the picture issue, Coffee and Cars was definitely the place to be this morning.  Hundreds of cars of all shapes and sizes showed so we could all celebrate our passion for the automobile.  Imports, classics, roadsters, supercars, muscle cars, and motorcycles were all represented in one way or another.  I got to witness a few fathers telling their sons and daughters about these cars.  The light in their eyes was a relief, our auto culture isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

 Now, without further adieu, onto the pictures…

Please check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page.!/pages/AutoModia/216218551725772



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