DWSParts and Mr. Autrey McVicker

“Do Work Son” is a phrase that was originally coined by Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykins.  This phrase rings very true in Autrey McVicker’s head all day everyday.  A man that is as much about his beautiful Honda Fit as he is about getting car parts to his customers.  Thus began http://www.dwsparts.com .  One look at his online store and his online quotes you can tell that he puts in the work.  The unique thing about DWSParts is that it is based solely online and most of that is based off of Facebook.  Who said you can’t make social media work for you?

Every once in a great while some lucky person comes across one of those “deals of a lifetime.”  Since many of the readers here are automotive enthusiasts that will most likely mean finding that dream car in some old ladies garage for a price most won’t believe.  Autrey may have struck that gold mine when he learned that Springrates.com and all of its inventory were up for sale for mere pennies on the dollar.  After scooping this up before any one else could get their grubby hands on it, the work began.  One look at Autrey’s facebook page and you can tell he stays busy all day, and that is just what we see.  There is an entire world of private messages that he must field on a daily basis that we don’t see.  His biggest challenge is that there is just not enough time in the day.  Busy is the word of the day so tackling any improvements to the website and business itself usual gets done in his spare time.  What spare time?  As he peers into his crystal ball of the future he would like to become a one of the major distributors in the USA and possibly open up a brick and mortar.

In what spare time he has left, Autrey likes to get in a few hours of sleep and maybe take in a meal or two.  Having been into cars now for the last 8 years now has turned him into a true car enthusiast.  Nineteen is the number of cars he has owned in his lifetime so far.  The nameplates of these automobiles covers most facets of our great community from imports and domestics, small and large.  The extent of his passion is laid out very well in his current Honda Fit that was recently covered by AutoModia.

I can’t wait to see and possibly cover the next 19 cars Autrey…and the Ruckus too.  Does the Ruckus make 20 cars?



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