Dyno Day: Late Model Racecraft!

 As of right now, time travel is impossible and I can’t be in the three places at the same time.  I am just letting you know in the event of any doubt.  So my buddy Thanh offered to stop by Late Model Racecraft for their dyno day that took place June 4th.  I would like to thank him for offering to help me with the pictures and quick write up for the day!
 The day was June 4th at 11 a.m. just one hour after the Coffee and Cars event in Houston, TX.  The dyno day was hosted by HPD (Houston Performance Driving).  They served free subs and a humongous pizza the size of a 37” television.  Kudos to HPD for hosting events like this in Houston for everyone who loves cars. I had just barely arrived on time as they pulled the first car in on the dyno.  Heres a list of the cars I was able to see go on the dyno.  There were more cars lined up but it was very hot out there…lol.

– Pontiac – 272 hp/496 lb-ft torque
– Z06 – got 418hp/380 lb-ft torque
– Cobra – 468 hp/411 lb-ft torque
– CTS-V – 350 hp/350 lb-ft torque
– Z06 – 433 hp/410 lb-ft torque

 Late Model Racecraft specializes in late model Corvette, GTO, Camaro, Viper, Firebird Trans-AM, CTS-V, or late model GM Truck/SUV. If you have any of these vehicles, I would give them a look in person or online at www.latemodelracecraft.com. Enjoy!

 -Thanh Nguyen

 Free food and fast cars, the perfect reason to hang out right?



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