Classy Chassis – Concours d’Elegance 2011

 As I pulled into the parking lot at the Reliant Arena I had completely forgotten that there was an exotic car ride-a-long going on at this years Classy Chassis Concours d’Elegance.  My ears were quickly filled with the sounds of domestic, import, and exotic motors.  As I got closer I quickly realized that the folks at Classy Chassis had done it right.  They brought out some VERY nice cars for people to ride in for a small donation to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  Again I am simply taken back by people’s ability to give to such a great cause.  I knew then that this was going to be a great day.  Before I had even taken one step inside the Reliant Center I looked down at my camera to see the number of pictures above 200.  I had never personally seen a Ferrari F40 move (at all), let alone get to hear one run around the parking lot.  These guys out there with their cars put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces, mine included.

 So admittedly this was my first time actually inside the “new” Reliant Center.  I know I know…just save your breath (lol). Once inside it was a sheer overload of well-built and well-kept classic and sports cars.  I didn’t know where to start.  Once I got started I didn’t know where to stop.  It was like someone reached into my head and pulled out all of the cars I ever wanted to see and stuck them in one place.  As I skipped around this candy store I came across what I can only describe as my “Eleanor.”  The car that fills my dreams and haunts my nightmares.  A 1970 Mustang Boss 302…in the flesh.  So to say that I enjoyed this show is simply an understatement.

 I want to thank the folks over at Classy Chassis for hooking me up with a Media pass and letting me get pictures from places that most weren’t allowed to be at.  I had a fantastic time and I will be back next year if Classy Chassis will have me.  Now, before I make someone angry, onto the pictures.

 For the rest of the pictures please visit our facebook page.!/pages/AutoModia/216218551725772




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