Sea Foam Green Volks and One Head Turning Lexus!

Holy hell did this beautiful Lexus IS350 break some necks as we drove to a spot so I could snap a few pictures.  It probably didn’t help that we did this during a pretty large meet here in the great city of Houston.  I thought we would have call 9-1-1 or at least go grab some ice packs and advil for the people we drove past.

This Lexus, owned by Jon Briones, is a one of a kind foray into what happens when you build a car correctly.  The D2 coilovers that hold this car so close to the ground participated in beautful harmony with the Sea Foam Green 19″ Volk CE-28s that filled out fenderwells.  Turn the steering wheel over to the lock and nothing, not even a small scrape.  Just a wonderful symphony of a car that was put together with brain surgeon precision.  The short cruise I got in this car produced a quiet and bounce free journey.  A ride that any enthusiast can appreciate.  Bringing this gorgeous Lexus to a stop are Stoptech rotors and pads.  The Vertex front lip is accompanied by GFX side and rear skirts.  As your eyes move up the car away from the wheels (I know its difficult) you will find the AVS window visors and black overlay on the roof.  The inside of the car was kept simple.  A black pearl shift knob is joined by a few interior pieces that are wrapped in 3M carbon fiber.  His music comes via 10″ JL subwoofer and amplifier.

Jon himself is no stranger to building a car that scrapes the pavement on a daily basis.  His two former cars include a guacamole colored Civic hatch and a white VW GTi that he calls Sour Cream.  Both of these cars were carried by suspensions that located the fenders remarkably close the tires which in turn put the pinch moldings and front bumper very close to the ground.  “Amazing” is how Jon described being a member of a local car club called Team Sunworks.  You can find him and the other members of Team Sunworks at .

Like a lot of enthusiasts, Jon began his love for cars because of his Dad.  He had been around cars his entire life so it was only natural that he get bit by the modification bug.  When he isn’t working on his car or hanging out with his family you will find Jon working inventory over at CarMax.  His dream car is a Lexus LF-A.  It is unfortunate that all of the LF-A’s are lease only (lol).  So there won’t be any showing up to his parking lot any time soon.  Looking into the future with the Lexus he would like to add a supercharger.  I tried to think of something crafty to say here, but, I think that the want of a supercharger explains itself pretty well.  I did ask him what it was going from a Civic to a Lexus to which he just kind of gave me a blank stare for a moment.  I guess that the luxury and comfort upgrades alone should offer most of the explanation.

Overall I think this is one of the nicer IS350’s I have seen to date.  I love the cleanliness of the bodywork coupled with the volume of the wheels.  I would like to thank Jon for the opportunity to shoot the car and share his story with our great community.  I need a ride when the supercharger gets installed.  Deal?



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