MD Anderson “Race for the Cure” at All Team Bash 2011!

 We hear about cancer and the problems that it causes all the time.  Commercials come on TV advertising for various cancer centers around the nation.  You see billboards advertising the same things the commercials advertise.  Some of us have the misfortune to be directly touched by cancer.  Sometimes its a friend, sometimes its a family member, sometimes it could be you that gets diagnosed with cancer.

 So now we get down to the nitty-gritty and the purpose of me writing this article.  One of the families in our great community is now fighting with cancer.  Christina from Team Midnight has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she is 26 years old.  She is the wife of Gabe and they are both avid auto enthusiasts and just all around great people.  I met Gabe years ago at one of our big events called Import Expo.  If I recall correctly, we were all kind of shoehorned into a small corner of the show that wasn’t very well-lit and had very little traffic (lol).  Gabe and Christina have been married now for 5 years and will soon be looking to build a bigger family.  After exchanging a few messages with Gabe I know that Christina is a fighter.  She has been through at least 3 surgeries so far and has been described as a “rock” by her loving husband.  With chemotherapy just starting up for Christina she will need all of the love and support that we can manage to give.  Gabe will be there with a tent, food, drinks, and will be taking donations.  All proceeds will be going straight back to MD Anderson. 

 I lost my Aunt to cancer in March 2010 and I don’t want anyone to ever have to go through that again.  So my challenge to everyone is to come out to All Team Bash, have a great time, and support this great cause in any way that you can.  This is our community and we need to make sure that we take care of our own.

Team Midnight!


You can find more information at .  MD Anderson “Race for the Cure” or “Save the Cheches”.


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