Access Zero 61: Cars + Street Fighter 4!

Once again the guys over at Planet Zero have pulled off a very successful Access Zero car meet.  There were cars and people there from all walks of life.  Everyone gathered together to celebrate our great community and get their butts kicked in Street Fighter 4.  I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the planning meetings for the last 2 months or so.  These guys earned a new level of respect from me.  I can’t begin to tell you how many things have to be thought of in advance before anything can happen.  So major props to John and his crew of volunteers that help to make this meet as successful as it is.

As we expand our horizons at the monthly Access Zero meet we have been looking for ways to get more people involved.  This month we began something called “Girl of the Meet.”  We pick one girl out of the crowd to go through a short interview and take a few pictures.  Hopefully in the future we can get more girls to come out to the meet and participate…being a car enthusiast just makes it all the more awesome.  This month’s “Girl of the Meet” is Vivian Le.  It’s pronounced “Lay” and yes I was corrected a few times (lol).

This gorgeous 21-year-old Houstonian was born and raised right here in our great city.  If you want to get more specific she lives in Southwest Alief Texas.  Since we are all car guys I know some of you would like to know what she drives.  As shocking as it seems she drives a 2003 Cadillac DeVille.  Yeah, I asked her that twice.  She enjoys the audio side of the automotive arts the most so you bassheads out there need to take note!  When she isn’t working on her Beauty school classes you can usually find her hanging out with friends or hitting the gym.  Vivian’s favorite movie is Pineapple Express and her favorite song is “Te Extrano” by Extreme.  I enjoyed sitting down with Vivian as she was a great sport about getting chosen for “Girl of the Meet.”  My pictures do her no justice but her beauty speaks for itself.

Now, before you start throwing things at me or shorting out your keyboards with drool…onto the car pics!  Enjoy!

For the rest of the pictures please visit our facebook page at:



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