I was Kidnapped by Secret Service!

As I pulled up to the Secret Service gate I was quickly confronted by two gentlemen in black suits holding fully automatic rifles.  The doors on my xB quickly flew open and I was drug outside, had a bag put over my head, and thrown inside what I can only imagine was an empty pedophile-style van.  The last thing I remember was a quick blow to the head via a blunt object and I was gone.  I woke up sitting at a large metal table, in a metal chair, with my hands bound behind me.  I looked down and saw that my feet were also chained to the ground.  The room was about the size of a large living room and the roof was completely made up of bright flourescent lights.  One of these suited up gentlemen stormed in the room and…wait wait wait…I was at Secret Services AUTO!!!  I’ve never been to the actual Secret Service office…I think.

I had a unique opportunity to sit down with Chris Chang of Secret Services Auto.  A local shop that specializes in making slow cars fast and fast cars faster.  Chris’ journey to his partnership at Secret Services all began with an Acura RSX racecar build.  He was referred by a gentleman commonly known by the name of “Stoopid” to Dave over at SSA.  This reference quickly took off and landed Chris in a place that you can tell he loves coming to everyday.  Stepping back a little further would put Chris at a shop called PYR.  A shop that very few even remember.

Chris’ fascination with the automobile started around age 14 where he would find himself dreaming about cars all of the time.  If there is one thing that most auto enthusiasts around the world can agree on its that we are ALWAYS dreaming about cars.  Though he has had various projects over the years Chris said his favorite was his old Nissan 240SX.  A red 240SX with a built motor and a host of other goodies.  When asked what he does in his spare time Chris said “There isn’t any time for that.”  Even when he is hanging out with his family and friends away from the shop his head is still working.

Running a business in this kind of niche market is one of the bigger challenges Chris and the folks over at SSA face everyday.  Everyday is a lesson on learning to expand and learning to go with the flow.  “The biggest challenge is learning that there is nothing you can’t overcome,” said Chris.  Looking into the future he would like to be at a point where they can begin racing professionally.  He called it “Baby Steps” but he knows that they are headed in the right direction.  They like to try things that no one else has tried and their success shows that they are doing it right.  This is still very grassroots according to Chris and that is something he will be looking to improve on.

I’d like to thank Chris for letting me get a sneak peek into his world over at Secret Services Auto.  These guys have done great things in the past and I know they will be doing great things in the future.  If you need to have some work done on your car please give Chris a call at 713-SSA-RACE or visit them at http://www.secretservicesauto.com .  I just realized that Chris managed to dodge all of the pictures I took.  I think he may be a ninja!



2 thoughts on “I was Kidnapped by Secret Service!”

  1. Heck yeah I concur, They have had a few of my rides there…. TOP NOTCH A++++++++++++++++++++ company, I do recommend them to everyone, young old it doesnt matter…..I think you for taking the time and writing this about them. WOO-HOO and my HHR/SS Manifold made the pictures…..Congrats to SSA keep up the Great Work Guys….

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