Local Driver: Introducing Taylor Blackwell!

Born on the 2nd of August 1986 in Houston, Taylor is just getting his start in the world of drag racing.  He has been in competitive bracket racing now for about 5 months.  When I was out at Royal Purple Raceway that day he was working on getting a good finish for his 5th official race.  His previous best was making it all the way to the 3rd round of races for the day.  Taylor has been around drag racing since he was in diapers.  His father had been racing since he was in his 20’s so it was only natural that Taylor follow in his footsteps.  The best feelings he would get as a kid were when his dad would win a round or win a race.  “These were the most fun times in my life,” he said when describing growing up around drag racing.  “To wake up in the morning in your trailer to the alarm clock or 1000hp cars and race fuel is an awesome feeling for me.”  He remains very grateful to his dad for letting him race his car, a 1962 Chevrolet Corvette.  This Corvette carries quite a history of racing and has been running in one combination or another since 1968.  There is history all over this car and one of these days I will chronicle that history right here on AutoModia.

This Corvette makes about 600hp and is powered by a 383 small block Chevy engine built by Westside Performance.  Mated to that engine is a Powerglide transmission and a converter built by Trans-King.  He pushes all this through a rear end built by Pyle Brothers of Baytown, a set of Weld Racing Draglites, and 10″ slicks.  Traction is further helped along by a set of Caltrac traction bars.  The car weighs 3,000lbs with the driver inside.  All this makes for quite the combination and helps the car to a mid 10-second quarter-mile run.

When Taylor isn’t wrenching on this beauty or driving it down the quarter-mile you can usually find him behind a paint gun at Reese Customs.  Reese Customs, which is owned by Taylor, will have a full feature right here on AutoModia in the near future.  If you need some paint work done on your car please get in contact with Taylor.  There are so many nice cars sitting over in the shop at Reese Customs and I know that this enthusiasm runs in Taylor’s blood.

Taylor’s sponsors include Competition Sales, Interstate Batteries, and Northside Lexus.  He would like to thank Jeff and Kleat from Westside Performance, Gilbert and crew at Trans-King, and Pyle Brothers.

I am looking forward to following along with Taylor and his career.  I think he has a bright future in racing and you will be able to follow along right here on AutoModia.  I want to thank Taylor for letting me come out and snap a few pictures of him in this borderline unbearable heat.  I had a lot of fun.



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