Nic Elizondo’s Lady in Red!

Every once in a great while you run across a car that is very un-assuming.  You may never be able to tell that cars of this nature have much done to them.  They look fantastic on the outside.  The exterior stays detailed so that the paint can jump off the car at you.  The paint itself is immaculate and looks freshly waxed.  A peek into the interior tells the same story.  Cleanliness is key and there is no mess everywhere.  When you inspect a little closer you begin to find little jewels here and there.  It might be a chrome shift knob or a guage that seems out of place.  You may think the front bumper is a little different, but, it’s so well put together.  This causes some strain on the brain as you try to decide whether or not you want to delve any deeper.  In Nic’s case, I am glad I decided to go for that sneak peek under the skirt of his 2004.5 Volkswagen Jetta.

Try not to stand too close as Nic reaches for a switch inside and lets all the air out of his Airlift Easystreet suspension kit.  You can hear the custom set-up compressor and 5-gallon tank in the trunk doing its work.  As this car slowly heads for mother earth you start thinking of what else might be lurking beneath.  With a quick peek inside you find a set of OEM R-Line pedals and floor mats matched up with the OEM GLI Recaro seats.  The needle on the small air guage inbetween the seats is almost to zero when you notice a silver trimmed PODI boost gauge sitting right on top of the steering column.  This quickly lead my eyes to the B&M short shifter and B&M shift knob.

When you pop the hood you are greeted by a Garrett GT28R and an APR R1 Diverter valve.  The things you may not see right away are the 550cc Bosch injectors and the Forge side mount intercooler.  This turbo drinks in the air via a short ram air filter and expels it all through a full 3″ turbo-back exhaust.  So the good looks and nice air suspension have a little speed to help it get around town everyday.

Pushing my curiosity to the exterior I found an OEM+ Bora R front bumper and fog lights.  These were beautifully accented by a Votex rear bumper and a set of BBS RC wheels.  Everything was so clean and there was no detail missed.

Nic got his start in the automotive realm via his older brother who was a mechanic.  He had helped build a few trucks with his brother and dad when he was a little kid as well.  His obsession with Volkswagen began because his dad used to own an old Golf.  So the search for his own VW began.  Nic drove by Clear Lake Infiniti where he saw a 24v VR6 GTi sitting out front.  Before he could say yes, his brother had already scooped it up.  In 2007 he ran across this gorgeous red Jetta GLI and instantly fell in love.

Nic’s first car was a 1995 Chevy pick-up truck longbed V6.  It had a 6″ lift and 33″ tires.  I can only imagine what the gas bill was like.  After that he found his Jetta with only 23,000 miles on the odometer.  After sitting down with Nic you can tell that he is a car enthusiast at heart.  He considers his Jetta to be an ever-evolving canvas.  “People can come and go, but the car will always be there,” is what Nic told me about his passion for the automobile.

When he isn’t hanging around working on the Jetta you can find him working the A/V Tech booth at First United Methodist Church.  He will also be teaching high school kids a film study class this summer.  Being a teacher and a mentor is something Nic enjoys doing very much.

I really REALLY like this car.  I am a sucker for a good looking lady in a red dress.  The attention to detail really helps to set this car apart from the rest.  I want to thank Nic for coming out and hanging out with me for a little while.



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