Warning: A Snake with No Scales has Escaped the Houston Zoo!

This just in!  A cleverly disguised Cobra has escaped the Houston Zoo.  Zookeepers heard screams traveling across the complex this evening as this snake roared across the zoo.  They followed the noises and found that someone punched a hole in the perimeter fence about the size of a small Japanese car.  All they found were two long tire tracks leading down Hermann Park Dr. behind the elephant cages.  The Houston Zoo and Hermann Park have been shut down and all of the patrons were evacuated.   These safety measures will stay in place until the Cobra is safely back in its cage.

Once zookeepers were able to examine the cage that it escaped from all they found were skin and scales.  Officials say that this Cobra is wearing some kind of disguise.  Witnesses only caught a bright green blur as this animal made its way through the zoo.  A few of the witnesses claimed to have heard a roar which is uncharacteristic of this particular species.  This Cobra is considered to be extremely dangerous.  If you come across this snake please stop and call the Houston Zoo immediately!  Do NOT try to approach it as it is still very venomous.  You have been warned!

This in an Acura Integra sitting on top of a Mustang Cobra chassis.  Yeah, you just read that!  Kimo took both bodies off of their respective frames and made Frankenstein look like a little bitch.  After the dust settled you have a beautiful Integra with the heart of a Cobra.  I’m not sure if this is a match made in Heaven, but, it sure does work in my head.  Kimo did all the work in his garage with the help of a few friends here and there.  Many lessons were learned along the way and this car is FAR from finished.  What you can see here is the very first peek into an idea that came to life over the course of almost a year and a half.  I have known Kimo for a while now and if you have ever seen one of his builds you know that this saga is to be continued.  I absolutely love this iteration of his Integra.  It has a growl to it now that you only get with a V8.  Major props Kimo!  I can’t wait until we get to do the full shoot!



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