Houston Coffee and Cars July 2011!

Before I even get started we all need to have a little chit-chat.  There are a lot of people who bust their collective asses every month to hold these events.  These people range all the way from the guy helping people park to the owner of the venue.  With that said, we all have a responsibility to each other to ensure that no one is acting up.  I heard quite a few people mash the gas pedal to the floor when they were leaving today.  This is not an acceptable practice.  It’s one thing to drive a loud car.  It’s an entirely different thing to get out there and show off to everyone possibly endangering lives and the future of our great meets.  If you are one of these people who feel the need to jeopardize the very thing that we love to do then please, by all means, stay at home next time.  There is a time and place for everything.  Please try to save this kind of behavior for when you are far away from the venue.  That way we can ensure that none of this non-sense is tied back to where all the cars meet.

What a great and beautiful day for Coffee and Cars.  The weather was beautiful even though it was hot.  The atmosphere at these events is always calm and collected.  I wish more events happened like this every month.  I look forward to this meet despite it being so early in the morning (lol).  I guess next month I will have to show up at 7am.

I am going to end this month’s write-up a little differently.  There are some folks that work in this area that never get mentioned.  So I want to thank Vintage Park and all of their businesses for allowing us to hold such an event.  Another big thanks goes out to Starbucks for being able to put up with the volume of people hitting their doors, after all, it’s called COFFEE and Cars.

Now, onto the cars and the people…

Absolutely love this! Does that make me weird? lol

Objects in camera are too slow to keep up!

For the rest of the pictures please check the AM facebook page at:




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