Lonestar Detail Gives Water a Run for its Money!

Skepticism set in almost automatically when I learned that Michael Martin of Lonestar Detail was selling a “waterless car wash.”  You can’t wash a car without water!  My disbelief was quickly overrun when Michael showed me first hand exactly what he could do.  The brand is called Croftgate USA and I was officially blown away.  He was washing his own car that was covered in good ole dry Houston dirt and the paint was coming out silky-smooth on the other side.  The reflection was fantastic and everytime we set a clean rag on the paint it slid right off onto the floor.

Michael started Lonestar Detail doing 6-10 hour details out of his garage overnight.  At the time his wife was pregnant with their son so he knew that the frequency of these details would slow way down once he was born.  He began looking around for alternative solutions to help him stay in business.  This is when he ran across Croftgate USA.  Being a detailer himself he shared my own skepticism when doing the research on this new product.  After a few phone calls with Frank at Croftgate he decided to pick up a sample pack and at the very least give it a try.  Michael began showing these products to family and friends who were all equally amazed at the result.  This gave him the confidence to jump in and begin selling Croftgate products through his business.

Many challenges soon surfaced after Michael began his advertising campaign.  The biggest challenge was getting people to believe in this kind of car wash system.  Once they see what these products can do they are blown away.  Looking into the future Michael wants to be working full-time in mobile detailing with Lonestar Detail.  His next biggest challenge is just finding time in the day to be able to keep up with a mobile detailing service and his growing family at the same time.

Michael is a 3rd generation gearhead.  His grandfather used to race out on the salt flats and has owned many old hot rods.  His dad has had 5 different Mustangs with varying degrees of modifications done to them as well.  One that sticks out in his head was an old Pinto station wagon that received a good ole 302 via a giant shoehorn.  The Pinto was his high school shop project where he would work on the car and work part-time at Sam Goody in Town and Country mall.  “If you ask anyone in my family they will tell you not to give me anything you don’t want taken apart” is what Michael said as I quickly hid my camera behind my back (lol).

When Michael isn’t taking care of your paint or working under the hood of a car you can find him hanging out with his family.  His 7 month old son is already getting the bug after sitting down and watching the movie “Cars” with his dad.  That is definitely something Michael hopes to be able to pass on and make it an even four generations of gearheads.

I want to thank Michael for having me over to his house and showing me exactly what his Croftgate products can do.  I know the future of the Lonestar Detail is bright and I enjoyed getting schooled on something brand new to me.



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