Rahim’s Sultry Redhead!

Imagine that you are sitting in Jones Hall getting ready to listen to the Houston Symphony.  As Hans Graf approaches the stage you realize that the entire symphony orchestra has been replaced by this gorgeous red Acura NSX.  The conductor quickly takes his place on stage, taps the podium, and in a rage he raises his baton as the supercharged motor in the NSX fires into life.  He quickly drops his hand and softly flicks the baton up and down to the beautiful harmony of the idling motor and BBSC NOVI 2000 supercharger.  With every small flick of the wrist the NSX revs up and comes back to idle.  Another flick, another rev.  He teases the audience with this beautiful sound for a few minutes as the song progresses.  The audience wants and needs more and he can feel the electricity in the air.  He slowly brings his baton-free hand up in the air as the RPMs on the NSX reach a crescendo.  The people in the chairs grip their armrests in anticipation of the finale.  And in one fluid motion, the conductor waves the baton across his body from right to left.  At the same time the clutch is let out in the NSX.  411 horsepower are transferred to the stage floor in the endless battle for traction as the car rockets off stage right.  The curtain immediately closes and for a moment, only a moment, you can hear this beautiful NSX tearing off into the night.  The audience erupts into a standing ovation as flowers are showered down upon the conductor.  This symphony was an epic journey into beautiful automotive harmony and the newspapers would tell the tale the next day.

Rahim’s 1992 Acura NSX is a symphony of parts that work together in seamless harmony.  The bright red paint jumps off the car in the sunlight.  Your eyes are quickly diverted to the beautiful Volk GT-V wheels that work so well paired up with his D2 coilovers.  The Shine GT-Spec chin spoiler works beautifully with the Wings West side skirts and rear spats.  A custom-made rear diffuser wraps up the rear of this NSX.

Completing the harmony with the coilovers is a Tein strut bar (mated to the OEM strut bar), an aluminum rear bumper support, and a custom front lower brace.  Hawk brake pads and Goodridge stainless steel lines help to haul this beast to stop in a hurry.

Making the 411hp possible is the BBSC Novi 200o supercharger mated to a custom OEM crank pulley that was modified for the sole purpose of working with the BBSC.  A Greddy blow-off valve, a custom 4″ intake, a Science of Speed Big Bore Throttle Body, and a ported and polished intake manifold round out the top end.  Feeding fuel to this harmonious machine is a set of RC 660cc injectors that are kept in check by an AEM EMS that was tuned at Carboy.  Top Speed headers, straight pipe to delete the cats, and a DC Sports exhaust let all of that air out the back-end.  There are numerous one of a kind pieces all over this car that Rahim either made or had made.

Rahim himself is a true enthusiast.  “I can work on them and drive them myself” is how explained to me part of his love of modifying cars.  His very first car was a 1987 Toyota Cressida.  From there he has owned numerous vehicles including a handful of Integras, a 1994 BMW 318, a 2004 Scion xB, a 2002 Lexus IS300, and a handful of civics.  One of those Civics makes an ungodly amount of horsepower so lets leave that for another article, shall we?  The things he enjoys most about the NSX are the looks he gets, the comfort, the power, and its nice and quiet inside.

Rahim is currently a student at the University of Houston and he works for his family business in his spare time.  His family owns a couple of convenience stores and a hamburger place called Texas Cafe in Pasadena Town Square.  So when he isn’t working on his cars (and yes, he does all of his own work) you can usually find him hanging out with his fiance or at one of the places listed above.

As he took a peek into the crystal ball of the future he would like to get a set of Brembo Gran Turismo brakes for the NSX and a Pagani Zonda R.  Both are fantastic choices, however, I think he should focus on the Pagani (lol).

This car is a beautiful example of having an idea and making it work.  Not only do the parts work by themselves but they flow together and make “an amazing machine.”  I have been a fan of this NSX ever since I laid eyes on it years ago at a local car show.  I want to thank Rahim for coming out and hanging out with us.  Of course pre-feature pictures of this beauty started showing up my facebook while it was being detailed at Road Rage Detail.  AutoModia also collaborated with local photographer Chase Fisher for this shoot.  There will be a full feature on Chase coming up in a few days so please stay tuned!



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