Neer Music: It’s Where You Want to Be!

Obsession is defined in Webster’s dictionary as a “compelling motivation.”  Sven Neer’s obsession with his music fits this simple definition perfectly.  Sitting down with Sven to talk about his love for music gave me many insights into the man behind Neer Music.  Those of you that have been to Access Zero meets and Club AM at Import Reactor have also been a part of his musical world at some point.

I have known Sven for some time now and he has always been a fairly quiet guy.  We even worked together at one point in ancient history at John Eagle Honda.  When I asked the first question of the interview there was an explosion of information and stories about his experiences.  He originally began his mixing days out of a borderline obsessive-compulsive need to own all songs that pertain to the genres that he enjoys.  There is no illegally downloaded material here as Sven pays for all of his music.  As his obsession built up Sven began writing down song names to download, times of the parts of these songs that he liked, and points in the music where he could begin mixing in another beat in something he described to me as “the psycho notepad.”  Knowing a bit about his musical background I can imagine a library of notepads with writing on every page, front and back (lol).

Being a DJ in this day and age comes with many challenges.  Playing Trance and Progressive is a challenge to Sven and he is motivated to become better at it.  He told me that he also puts a lot of pressure on himself which can be a huge challenge all by itself.  As he builds up his music and overcomes these challenges he would like to have some good residencies at different local venues.  Sven would also like to build up to getting gigs out of the city and out of the state.

I decided that having Sven’s story on the website would be a great article for many reasons.  The obvious reason is that he supports our community and plays his music for us at local meets and Club AM at Import Reactor.  The other reason I chose him was because he is an all around automotive enthusiast.  “Time Attack is my thing,” is how Sven summed up his favorite part of the automotive world.  Just one man and one car in a race against the clock.  One thing he would like to see is more coverage of Time Attack events across the world to be played on television.  This is something that I can echo as well.

When Sven isn’t standing behind his equipment you can usually find him playing Gran Turismo, cheering on the Minnesota Vikings, or hanging out with friends and family.  However, he will either be listening to his music while doing these things or his music won’t be far from his reach.  So even though his obsession with music never stops he does make a concerted effort at having a social life.  Looking into the future he would like to make more CD friendly tracks and become more vocal at the events and venues he plays at.  “I will never be happy with my mechanics,” Sven said when describing his own improvements on what he does.

So next time you are out at Access Zero, Import Reactor, or any club he may be playing at please remember all of the love he puts into every second of his music.  I know that Sven has a great future ahead of him and would like to wish him the best of luck.  I look forward to hearing him play whenever I get the chance.

You can listen to some of Sven’s music at .



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