Houston Coffee and Cars: Can I Get a Grande Mocha Ferrari Please?

Another hot day and another great meet over at Vintage Park.  Houston Coffee and Cars is shaping up to be one of the premier meets in Houston.  Where else can you see turbo Honda Civics and Lamborghini Diablo VTs all in the same place?  At the turbo Honda Civic and Lamborghini Diablo VT dealership?  That place doesn’t even exist!  Wait, does it?  I am going to write that one down to Google later (lol).  What we did get was a fantastic mix of cars and people.  Even the folks at Starbucks seemed to have made it through the morning just fine.

The notorious Texas heat wasn’t enough to deter car enthusiasts from all walks of life.  If I read correctly, this meet was the biggest to date.  One can only imagine what next month will bring.  I want to thank all of the Coffee and Cars volunteers for helping make this a great day and the Houston Police Department for keeping the riff raff to a minimum.  Without further adieu…here are the pics!

Please visit the AutoModia Facebook page for more coverage! http://www.facebook.com/pages/AutoModia/216218551725772




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