WHM Blast to the Past Cruise In!

We all know that August brings the heat in Texas, literally.  As the clock ran down on this beautiful and hot day I found myself out at the West Houston Muscle Blast to the Past Cruise In.  A great gathering of beautiful cars and great people.  The atmosphere was so laid back you could literally grab a quick nap in a lawn chair (lol).  Right in the middle of thinking about this nap I realized that Deadmau5 was playing on the stereo system in the WHM tent.  Now we have good music and awesome cars, such a fantastic combination.

I am very accustomed to cars shows and meets lasting long into the night so it was strange that people were leaving while the sun was still up.  However, it is very nice to be home and writing about my experiences at 830pm on a Saturday night.  Maybe I can actually get some sleep?  Only time will tell.

I want to thank Taj for having me out there this evening and I am looking forward to catching the next event.

Now onto some pictures.

Please check out the rest of the pictures on the AutoModia Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AutoModia/216218551725772



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