Ricekiller Monster Block Party!

The wind was kicking as the parking lot started to fill up for the Ricekiller Monster Block Party this evening.  The boys over at www.ricekiller.com decided to try their hand at throwing a car meet in our great city.  Having been to a few Dallas Ricekiller meets I knew that Jared and crew had the experience.  I was a little wary about how they would be able to handle our community.  Since I have seen both sides of the coin I knew that Dallas and Houston were pretty different when it came to cars.  So, I have to give it up for the guys at Ricekiller because the meet went great!  On that same token, a lot of the volunteers at tonight’s event live in Houston so they knew what to expect.  With a little cohesive planning this meet was destined to be a great one.

I started off the night at Jason’s Deli with a Turkey Reuben,a nice cold glass of water, and an ice cream cone.  Jason’s Deli has let these guys hold a weekly meet in their parking lot for quite a long time now so supporting their business was a no-brainer.  After that it was outside into the heat and the wind for what would be a great night.  I never expected this meet to be so big.  I was very impressed with what these guys had built from just a handful of cars.  I had a great time tonight and will be back in the future.  Now, onto the pics!

For the rest of the pictures please check out AutoModia on Facebook.  Please click “like” and browse to your heart’s content!





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