T.I.T.S. Bikini Car Wash at The Concert Pub!

Let’s say you have a clean car and you want to wash it, but, you go outside only to realize it’s hotter than the Sahara and twice as humid.  Welcome
to Houston, right?  The folks over at The Concert Pub had the solution of the day!  This particular bikini car wash was posted up right off Richmond Avenue in the pubs parking lot.  A very ideal location despite the crappy weather.

The girls work ethic was top-notch and everyone was having a great day.  Cars were lined up everywhere as the girls got soaking wet.   DJ Tito and the Kratez Crew (pronounced CRATES) kept spirits high with old school mixes.  Everyone, even the familiar faces in attendance, had a great time despite the weather.

All in all there were about 8 girls and not a single one of them was dry.  Not only did they look good but the people inside the bar were glued to the windows overlooking the car wash.  It was reminiscent of a puppy trying to get adopted from the pound, but with more drool.

Along with the girls, Sam (aka King Feezy) coordinated the whole show and also got in on the fun of helping the girls make sure those cars
were cleaned properly.  These beautiful girls seemed to be enjoying themselves with the constant spray of a water hose and flocks of guys constantly peering at them.   A pretty good turnout considering the heat keeps most people inside where air conditioning is king.

I would like to mention the following  groups who helped with this awesome car wash:

Vin.Ent  (Facebook search vix.ent)



The Concert Pub (www.theconcertpub.com)

High Life Media

2*4*5 King Feezy (www.kingfeezy.com)

Krates Crew (follow them on Facebook & Twitter)

Please visit the AutoModia Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/AutoModia/216218551725772 and click “like.”



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