CNS Custom Works: Always Shining!

A few years ago Charlie and Sal of CNS Custom Works tried to start an EF meet for Honda Civic enthusiasts.  EF is a reference to a chassis code for 1988 – 1991 Honda Civics for those that are getting ready to Google it (lol).  While they were pouring their heart and soul into getting this meet off the ground a couple of guys asked if they could polish some wheels.  Charlie and Sal quickly realized that they could make some decent cash on the side by offering a polishing service.  After the first couple sets of wheels were finished CNS Custom Works was born and they haven’t looked back since.

Businesses need to evolve to stay alive and that is exactly what CNS has done.  Making smooth, buttery mirrors out of metal is just one of many talents they have developed over the last few years.   You can get your powdercoating done at CNS, you can get a Mil-Spec wiring harness built at CNS, and they are working their way up to building complete cars.  If you can imagine it then Charlie and Sal can help you make that dream a reality.

Over the years these guys have run into a few challenges with CNS.  One of the bigger challenges is that they both work full-time jobs and use their spare time to run the shop.  If someone could bump us up to a 26 or 27 hour day I am sure they would get more accomplished.  Keeping up with current trends was also mentioned, but, it looks like they are doing a fantastic job so far!

Looking into the future both Charlie and Sal would like to be full-time at CNS.  As they grow one of the bigger goals they have is to see their name at SEMA in Las Vegas.  After seeing their work first hand I have no doubt that this dream will soon become a reality.

Spare time is a precious commodity at the shop.  Charlie likes to spend his with his family and Sal just tries to stay as busy as possible.  I did a few short calculations here and I have come to the conclusion that they both get 15 minutes of spare time a day (lol).  There is no doubt that support from family and friends is helping them to keep their dreams alive.  Even through the stress of running a business there was always a smile on everyone’s face.  I know first hand what the effects of great family support can do.

I want to thank Charlie and Sal for letting me in their shop for a little while.  Please check out their Facebook page at!/cnscustom and give them a call for whatever you need done.  Also, look for a full feature on Charlie’s Honda Ruckus right here on AutoModia in the very near future!



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