The Beginning of Something New!

How far back do you remember when it comes to our local meets?  Chewy Balls?  TeaWorks?  Oscar’s Creamery?  UofH Meet?  Webster/Bay Area Blvd Meet?  Miami Subs?  How far back do you remember when it comes to local car shows?  HIN?  Jspek?  Formula D?  Import Expo?  Import Revolution?  A period in time existed when Houston’s meet and show schedule was full and there was plenty for all car enthusiasts to do over the course of a week.  Sometimes two or three big events would happen in the same weekend.  Some folks would scramble from meet to meet or from show to show just so they could have a good time and share their love of cars with others.  I personally remember the long nights cruising around the Houston area trying to get a taste of everything that was going on at the time.  Never a dull moment.  Never a slow weekend.

These days are gone.

We are losing so much of what brings us all together and makes our community great.  I don’t want anyone to think that it’s just the import enthusiasts either.  This loss is being felt across the board for enthusiasts of all makes and models.  Shows are disappearing from our doorstep.  Meets are being broken up and cancelled for good.  New ideas and venues fail before they even have a chance to prosper.  Our community is lacking the proper organization that is so desperately needed to keep this community thriving.

Now, with all that on the table there is something I want everyone to know about me.  I will rarely bring a problem to light without a few ideas on how to remedy the issue.  It’s not in my nature.  So, AutoModia will be teaming up with the folks over at Planet Zero to bring something very special to our community.  This event will take place towards the end of the year and the few details we have so far are very exciting.  Once all the pieces are set we will be making an official announcement right here on AutoModia!!

Stay tuned!!!



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