Get a Little Crazy, Get a Little Stoopid!

Back in the day, when I was just getting into cars, I have to admit to everyone that I was not so open-minded.  If your ride wasn’t a rear-wheel drive muscle car with a V8 under the hood then it garnered little respect from me.  I would venture to say that the only reason I remotely liked compact cars was due to how cheap they were and how good they were on gas.  That was it.  What was I driving at the time?  A 1989 Ford Mustang 2.3L 5-speed.  Please, save your laughter.  The only 4-banger that I had any respect for was the old Mustang SVO and that was solely because I am a die-hard Mustang fan.  As the years progressed so did technology.  One day, while I was still rocking Windows 95, I came across a video online.  I think everyone knows this video because it has been referred to right here on AutoModia before.  Some ricer in a black Honda Civic hatchback had just beat a Dodge Viper in a street race.  I was floored and intrigued all at the same time.  My search then began for the nut that built that car.  Thus began my own foray into the import world and I was introduced to man we all know as Stoopid.

Fact:  Stoopid has a first and last name.  Did you know that?  His name is Jason Herrera.  Jason and I had met a few times over the last few years as he used to buy parts from the guys at the Honda store I worked at.  He was always building or tuning (t00ning) something awesome.  Have you seen the name St00pidfast or St00pid on the side of someone’s car in the past?  Chances are that it was tuned or worked on by Jason.

The man himself has been around cars and motorsports all his life.  His Dad used to drag race and he had a few friends that were into off-road trucking.  Jason built his first turbocharged Honda for a friend that had a FMU for fueling.  After a few detonated motors he decided it was time to search for a way to keep the fuel and timing under control so this wouldn’t happen again.  He picked up an old Accel DFI box and began his research into fuel injection tuning.  Once this was buttoned up and Jason had a better understanding of what was needed to keep these motors alive he was off to his first time on the dyno.  The rest, as they say, is history.

In the tuning world Jason said that his biggest challenge was trying to educate people about what their car will need.  Coming in at a close second was trying to build what his customer needs within their budget.  The other side of facing these challenges was that he enjoyed the process and always looked at it as an adventure.  Jason found the that the most exciting projects were the ones he hadn’t done before.  The ones that made him wonder if all the parts he had chosen to put together would actually work and then seeing the customers reaction after their first test drive.

After all is said and done there was never really any spare time while Jason was tuning cars.  Now he plays with motorcycles and likes to listen to music.  Since he has had the opportunity to drive just about everything out there I asked him if he could have one car to drive everyday, what would it be?  “I would say my top choices would be the NSX, GTR, or a 1966 Chevy II,” he said.  Great choices all around.

Here is Jason guarding my dinky little camera bag in the 100 degree heat lol.

I did have to ask him what his favorite build was and that is how all of these pictures of Princeton Wong’s ridiculous Porsche 993 got here.  Jason has tuned Vipers, Mustangs, Civics, and even got 2000hp out of Seth Johnson’s XTF Mustang with a 454cid small block Ford and twin GT4788’s.  However, Princeton’s 993 stands out as his favorite.  When Jason told me that he still had the car in his possession I knew that we had to get a few pictures of it to showcase his work.  There were very few compromises made on this car as the fabrication work was done.  Princeton’s and Jason’s attention to detail here is insane.  Both of these guys had a hand in fabricating this car.  Jason taught Princeton how to weld and taught him the fundamentals of turbocharging among many other things and this head turning Porsche is the product of that relationship.

I want to thank Jason for bringing the Porsche out for everyone to drool on.  Erik and I had a great time getting photos of the car.  I was so excited that I would get to try my hand at rolling shots for the first time that I forgot to get a picture of Jason holding the AutoModia license plate.  So I will just steal his most flattering pictures from his Facebook page so you guys can put a face to the name.


He may harm me for using this



One thought on “Get a Little Crazy, Get a Little Stoopid!”

  1. A very well written article, thanks for acknowledging some of his accomplishments.I am glad that with your talent and your words you were able to capture what makes “La Familia”so proud of Jason. Once again on behalf of his family thank you very much…..John Herrera

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