Texas Wildfire Donations for Columbus VFD!

Photo by Deanna Roy (deannaroy.com)

I wanted to share a picture with you guys before I explained what we were doing here.  That is a shot across the Austin skyline looking at the area affected by one of many Texas wildfires.  My jaw hit my desk when I saw this.  We always hear about these things in other parts of the country so it never really sinks in.  Well this is as real as it gets.

I am asking that anyone please send a donation via Paypal to automodia@gmail.com and please put “Fire Donation” in the comments box.  We will be donating directly to the Columbus, TX Volunteer Fire Department.  AutoModia’s own Erik Christensen has family in Columbus and hears about the loss and devastation everyday.  So we are going to do our part and donate as much as we can.  Fire departments around the start are quickly burning through their budgets fighting these fires so please donate what you can.


Donate to automodia@gmail.com

Please put “Fire Donations” in the comments box.

Thank you so much.




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