Emilio’s Beautiful Subaru Pays Tribute to 9/11!

I was sitting in a marketing class on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Taking notes and trying to stay awake were the only two tasks that I even cared about that morning.  The professor was standing there giving his lecture when my phone started vibrating.  I looked down real quick to see that it was my Mom.  She knew that I was in class so I didn’t understand why she was calling, so, I just ignored it (lol).  About a minute later my phone started vibrating again.  Again, it was my Mom so I just ignored it.  Another minute went by and my phone started vibrating again.  In my family we have a rule.  If the someone tries to call you three times in a row then something is wrong.  Knowing this, I excused myself from the class and stepped outside to answer my phone.  The only thing I heard my Mom say was “Turn on the TV, someone is attacking us!”  My mind quickly ran through about a million possible ways someone could be attacking us.  None of the ways I imagined came close to what I was about to see.  I hung up the phone, grabbed my bag, and made my way into the school library.  I told the lady there that we need to turn the TV on, something was happening.  We turned the TV on to see that the North tower of the World Trade Center was on fire.  The news said a plane had hit the tower.  What we experienced next was something that we only saw in the movies.  A passenger jet hit the South tower of the World Trade Center.  The entire room went silent.  Something went very wrong and someone was attacking us.  We were shocked and like many Americans were glued to the TV for the next hour watching the rest of the events for that day.  After the Pentagon was hit and a plane crashed in Pennsylvania the school shut down our building and sent everyone home.  I had to get to work a few hours later.

In remembrance of the events on September 11th I wanted to do something special for the readers of the website.  This is how I met Emilio of Element 343.  He brought out his 2008 Subaru WRX that is dedicated to fallen firefighters of 9/11 for us to shoot.  Emilio’s Subaru is a rolling Memorial that is dedicated to the 343 fallen firefighters and EMTs.  You will find all 343 names listed in Alphabetical order on the roof of the car and a custom painted Seibon carbon fiber hood that keeps with the fallen firefighter theme.  The custom “Fight Terrorism” license plates and a Seibon carbon fiber STi spoiler round out the exterior of this beautiful Subaru.

The car itself is no slouch when it comes to the “go” department.    A Precision Turbo PT6765 twin-scroll turbo feeds the engine through a Perrin front mount intercooler.  The turbo is mounted to a Full Race twinscroll manifold and twin 38mm Tial MVS Wastegates.  The pressure from the turbo is let out via a HKS SSQVIII blow-off valve.  The motor itself has a Brian Crower 2.7L stroker kit with BC625+ I-Beam rods and Golden Eagle sleeves.  This is topped off by a set of ported and polished heads, Supertech +1mm intake valves, Supertech Inconel exhaust valves, and Brian Crower stage 3 cams.  ARP head bolts make sure that this motor stays together under all that stress.  2150cc Injector Clinic injectors and a Walbro 255lph fuel pump make sure that enough fuel is supplied to keep this motor from detonating itself.  Getting the exhaust gasses out of the car is a custom 4″ stainless steel exhaust made by SSA.  A Carbonetics 3-Plate carbon clutch kit makes sure that the power gets to the wheels with no slip.  This Subaru can dance with the best of them thanks to Secret Services Auto.

Getting the power to the pavement is a set of 18″ Prodrive GC-05F wheels and BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW NT tires.  This is all suspended by a set of Cobb Tuning sport springs.

Keeping the driver informed of everything that is happening with the motor is a set of Defi-Link Advance Gauges.

Emilio came to modding cars in a way that he almost didn’t divulge to us.  He wanted to start tuning cars after watching The Fast the Furious in June 2001.  Since he was already good with his hands he wanted to try his luck building cars.  Emilio has owned four cars and they were all modified in some way or fashion.  When I pressed him to tell me what they were he just told me they were “classified.”  It’s OK Emilio, we’ve all gone through a ricer phase (lol).  The Subaru has been in his possession now for 65,000 miles and the All-Wheel Drive system is what he enjoys the most about it.  The only thing he would do differently at this point would be NOT hitting a deer with it.  I think we can all agree to that right?

Emilio is an Instrument and Controls technician for NRG Energy.  He also runs his Non-Profit company Element 343 in his spare time.  I see him posting about various charitable activities on the Element 343 Facebook page all of the time.  Whether they are donating money or hard work doesn’t matter.  Element 343 is always willing to go that extra mile to help those that need it.  When he isn’t at work or volunteering his time you can find Emilio hanging out with friends and family, eating BBQ, and working on cars.

I want to thank Emilio for coming out to the Houston Fire Museum so we could take some photos and get to know him and his family.  We had a great time hanging out and we are looking forward to seeing more from Emilio and Element 343 in the future.



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