Charlie Telles Has Caused Quite a Ruckus!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “ruckus” as a “noisy argument or a fight.”  A ruckus is something that someone can cause and/or raise.  Something that happens when disagreements become more than just basic discussions.  Honda managed to turn the word ruckus into a noun when they made the Honda Ruckus.  A 50cc scooter that just begs to be torn apart and rebuilt into something a little more fun to ride.  Charlie promptly took that noun and injected a few yellow highlighters and a hand grenade.  The explosion that followed clearly causes a ruckus with your eyes.

What you see is a stretched and custom painted/powdercoated Honda Ruckus.  If you can manage to look past the neon yellow powdercoated parts you can see that this is no ordinary Ruckus.  The 50cc motor has Polini variator 6g weights, a Digital Hybrid CDI, and a K&N air filter.  The AK Garageworks custom plated front wheel is wrapped in a 120/90-10 Michelin Bopper tire.  Looking a little past the front wheel you can see the AK Garageworks stainless steel handlebars and custom GPS mount.    A little further down is the Ncy foot brace and matching seat frame.  Rounding all of this out is a one-off 6″ stretch kit and a 10×8 rear wheel wrapped in a Kenda 140/90-10 tire…all from AK Garageworks.  Making sure that Charlie can see the road (and others can see him) are Password JDM hyper white lights, shaved front turn signals, and a R6 taillight with turn signals.    The only thing left is to feast your eyes on the custom Fiji Blue pearl paint and neon yellow powdercoating.  If those two colors don’t cause a ruckus in your head then you may need to call an ambulance, you might be dead.

All of the custom paint and powdercoat was done by Charlie and Sal of CNS Custom Works.  A local shop that has been featured right here on AutoModia in the past.

Charlie’s beginnings in the automotive world began by watching his Dad work on cars as a mechanic.  His old man was always working on engines, always.  Charlie is no stranger to the sounds of a ratchet though.  He has owned his fair share of Honda’s.  On that list are a 1990 Civic hatch, a 1991 CRX, and 1992 Integra, a 1993 Civic with a GSR motor, and his current 1997 Civic that will soon receive a K20 swap.  Add his Ruckus to all that and you have a true Honda enthusiast.  Even though his Ruckus has a lot of modifications his real enjoyment with it is just getting it out and taking it for a ride.  I think that is about 90% of the battle whether you ride is stock or not.

When Charlie isn’t working at CnS or working on one of his projects you can usually find him at his regular job as a forklift technician.  Any other spare time is spent with the wife and kids.  According to my calculations that is roughly 18 minutes a day (lol).  I want to thank Charlie for letting me come out and snap a few pictures of this beautiful scooter.  I have always been a fan of the Honda Ruckus and this is by far one of the best examples of what is possible with it.  I am looking forward to seeing that K20 Civic in the future.



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