The Boys of Powerfab Automotive!

When I started AutoModia I made a promise to myself and anyone out there that would read my blog.  I was going to do my damnedest (…is that a word?) to bring quality cars, people, and shops to the light in the Houston area.  It really didn’t matter to me what it took to make this happen just as long as I felt good about the people who graced the pages of my website.  These folks could drive a fairly stock car, own a shop that was run out their garages, or be folks that contribute to our community in a positive manner.  As long as they were good, honest people I would have no issue seeking an interview with them and gathering some pictures to put up on the blog.  As soon as I walked through the doors at Powerfab Automotive I knew I was in the right place.  I had actually been talking to Jeremy at Powerfab for a few months about an article.  Each time we talked he was very professional and seemed to do everything by the book.  These are all qualities I look for in a good shop owner.  We finally set up a date and time so I could make the drive up north to FM1960 and Windfern.  As I pulled up at Powerfab Auto I knew that one thing was certain, I was in for a treat just by looking at the cars that were parked outside that day.  I was greeted by Jeremy Cozad and we were off to see the eye candy that Powerfab is known for making.

Jeremy started building cars in his parents garage to help pay for college.  He was headed straight for a Media Production degree so he could use all the monetary help he could get.  What he ended up with was a great client base that he built one at a time.  Once he figured out that his current degree wasn’t what he really wanted to do he began migrating back to cars.  Jeremy got a lot of joy from building cars and would go into starting his own business with a good client base for support.  It seemed to be a no-brainer to get out there and do something that he loved.  Something that very few people can honestly say is true of their own jobs.

Business brings with it quite a few challenges that any business owner must face.  “Navigating the waters of business with a good moral and ethical compass even if your competitors don’t do the same thing.  Be the one guy to the tell the truth,” he said about his own challenges.  Jeremy’s professional nature shined through here and I think the pictures so far have spoken for themselves.  Looking into the future Jeremy would like to have a bigger shop and be a full service facility.  That includes everything from machine work to body work and a transition from a performance oriented business into a “one stop shop.”  If someone could pass along a few more hours during the day and more space he would certainly be much obliged.  That is something we can all relate to (and I am not quite sure if that’s fortunately or unfortunately…lol).

Jeremy has always been a tried and true car enthusiast.  Working on cars was a hobby long before it was a job for him.  I did ask him about his spare time and got a bit of a blank stare before he answered.  He told me that there is no such thing as spare time.  He is always talking business 24/7.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a customer, a vendor, the shop, or one of his employees.  Business is always the topic at hand.  Before I left the shop he gave me one quote that will stick with me for a long time.  “The car owner asks us to paint a canvas and that is what we do.”

Houston could definitely use more guys like Jeremy and Powerfab Automotive.  If anyone needs anything please give Jeremy and Bryan a call.  I know you won’t be disappointed.  I do want to mention that Bryan was helping with the interview process as well.  We will be doing a full article on Bryan and his gorgeous Infiniti G35 in the future so please come back here and check it out!  I can’t wait!

A sample of cars PowerFab has touched.

Dyno Time!



Corvette Hovercar!

I want to thank Jeremy and Bryan for having me out at the shop!  There was so much cool stuff going on in there.



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