Behind the Scenes: Space Circuit Promo Vid Shoot!

When John Leigh at Planet Zero first told us about the Space Circuit idea we were pretty excited.  He went on to start telling us a basic storyboard for a promotional video he wanted to shoot for it.  This video was to be a collaboration of faces and cars from our great community.  A way to show the world at large that we aren’t a bunch of idiots that like to street race, steal dvd players, jack 18 wheelers, and try to kill each other.  This is supposed to show the average automobile owner (ie…non-enthusiast) that we are people too.  We all have families, dogs, cats, homes, and we like to do regular old stuff like the rest of the world.  So John brought in people like David Richmond, Kendra Messer, Greg Lilly, their families, and their cars so he could showcase that love we all have for each other.  What we got was a tear jerking view into what it’s like to be a car enthusiast.  I asked John if we could shoot some behind the scenes footage and the rest is history.

Its the Gilly family!

Our first stop was at the home of Greg Lilly and his beautiful family.  Greg owns Underground Graphics, a vinyl shop that has been featured right here on AutoModia.  I had to make a quick run back to Planet Zero because someone forgot the battery to his camera (**cough**johnleigh**cough**).  As John and Alin got the shoot underway I just began snapping pictures.  I think most will recognize the beautiful Subaru WRX STi wrapped in matte green vinyl.  Greg was supposed to show his daughter Kayla how to install some vinyl.  Let’s hope one day she takes over the family business!

Dad's toy and the rest of the families toys!
Greg giving his daughter her first lesson on how to take over the family business.
Myriam the cute helper...oh...and Rigo was there too!
A little camera trickery!

The second stop for the night was at the home of David and Maria Richmond.  David (aka Kimo) has quite a unique little Integra…or is it a Cobra?  This hybrid monster has also seen a bit of light here on AutoModia.  While Maria watched, David showed his daughter Alyssa how to install the intake tube on his motor.  After the shot was over he let her start this beast.  Being a Mustang guy at heart it was like music to my ears.  Alyssa was quickly whisked away to bed as this was a school night and education is a top priority around the Richmond household.  David is also the president of Team Sunworks, a car club that started right here in Houston and has chapters all over the USA.

What the hell is that?
The Mustegra!!!!!!!!!1
Kimo showing his daughter how to install an intake! Baby steps. 🙂
Dad! I got this!

The last stop for the night was back at Planet Zero.  Rick Shepherd, his wife Marissa, and their son Ricky were all waiting there for Alin and I.  The scene here was to capture the generosity of our local racecar drivers.  So John enlisted the help of Brad Burnett and his beautiful little drift machine.  After a few practice runs they began filming.  Brad seemed to slide effortlessly in and out of the frame.  After that he had to hop out of the car and hand a toy car to Ricky.  We had to try this scene a few times so it felt weird that we had to give the car to Ricky and then take it away.  All in good fun though.

The Mazda Family!
Drifters are people to damnit!
Brad...the camera is over here!
Something wicked this way comes!
Cameras urrrvrywurrrrrrrr!!!
Brad is tore up inside that he had to take back his toy. TORE UP!
I think he is running...he may be falling not sure! lol!

The last scene for the night was with the lovely Kendra Messer.  She brought out her freshly redone 240sx and began her part of this journey.  After about a half hour we were finished up with Kendra’s scene and done for the night.  We still had one more night of shooting at the Villagio Town Center in Katy the next night.

Hey cutie pie! I mean...heyyyyyy Kendra!!!
Looks pretty familiar...
My constant shadow.

The next night we found ourselves right in the middle of the courtyard at the Villagio Town Center.  Dennis To of Team Opulence was there to lend his acting skills and beautiful Mazda RX8 to the video.  Dennis was supposed to give his shoes to a bum that had no shoes in this scene.  This location also saw the shooting of the first scene with Amanda Chang and James O’Connor.  A little post processing brought in Amanda’s pretty face on a billboard behind James’ car.  It’s movie magic…the billboard was never there (lol…duh!).  After a few takes for each scene we were off on our merry way.  John and Alin were off to lock themselves to their computers to put this wonderful video together.

A couple of movie stars here.
The shoe scene.
Alin makes a great bum!
Ricer Angles for the "Ricers First" guys at Mayday Garage!


Speed Racer over here...
Erik off in la la land.
The Kraker Mazda.

At the end of the day we all had a great time!  I want to thank John Leigh for letting us shoot some behind the scenes footage.  I had never done anything like this before so it was quite an experience.  Another huge thanks to the cast for putting up with all of us.  Amanda Chang, Greg Lilly, Kayla Lilly, James O’Connor, Alin Danila, Dennis To, Kendra Messer, Brad Burnett, Rick Shepherd, Marissa Shepherd, Ricky Shepherd, David Richmond, Maria Richmond, and Alyssa Richmond were all great folks to work with and totally understanding of schedules that ran a little long.  We need to do stuff like this with our community more often!

The end of the day!

Please check out the video at and look for the rest of the behind the scenes footage on our Facebook page at .



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