A Man and His Speedster!

A few months ago I began looking into ways to step outside of my import and domestic comfort zone when it came to the cars I featured here.  There had to be something I could shoot that would help me grow my personal knowledge base of cars.  I began searching for a car and had no idea exactly what I was looking for, at all.  I attended a local meet called Vintage on Enclave and was immediately struck by two cars that made it out on a fairly regular basis.  They were Speedsters.  What I would soon learn is that these Speedsters weren’t built by Porsche, they were built by a company called Beck.  I was floored at the quality and care that I could plainly see in these cars.  The questions started falling out of my face to one of the owners and what I got in return was far more than expected.

This is what happens when you are ill prepared to change a license plate...lol

John got his love for cars from his grandfather who owned a Ford dealership back in the 1920s through the 1940s.  With that automotive enthusiasm John’s Father founded the Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America in 1961 and was the club’s first president.  John’s family history with cars began long before he was born and it was easy to tell that he loved to talk about cars.  While growing up there were always sports cars hanging around his house.  Porsches and BMW’s seemed to be the order of the day when it came to what they preferred to drive.  John graduated college, and like any normal person, his priorities changed.  However, he did manage to pick up a few BMW’s and a Mercedes along the way that helped to feed the “bug” inside him.  The Speedster is his first “modified” car.  What a way to start right?

His favorite part about the car is the feel of driving a vintage replica to pay tribute to a brand and car from the 1950s era.  After that he just loves all the questions he gets to answer about it and all the attention it brings.  In the short time John has owned his Speedster he has put over 850 miles on it.  When we took the pictures I believe the car was only a couple of months old.  Somewhere down the line he would like to upgrade from single carbs to dual carbs to help add more fun to the experience of driving.

When John isn’t rolling around in his beautiful Speedster you can usually find him cooking and planning trips with his wife.  Being retired he tries to drive his dream car as often as he can.  Something I can only hope I get to experience once I retire.

His Father's Porsche circa 1962.

I want to thank John for coming out and letting me take a few pictures of his car and pick his brain.  I really enjoyed spending some time to get to know him and the car.



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