Jack O’Connor, Local Car Enthusiast, Houston Mayoral Candidate!

I met Jack a few months ago at a new local car meet called “Vintage on Enclave.”  This was a place for all car enthusiasts, young and old, to gather and share their passion for the automobile.  Almost every Friday night you could find Jack out at the meet talking to people and sharing his stories with anyone who would listen.  The best part about this meet was that no one really cares what you drive…even if the word “Vintage” is in the name.  Jack would bring out his beautiful maroon Beck’s Speedster, I would show up in my Scion xB, and other folks would show up in everything from imports to Italian sports cars.  As long as you came to have a few laughs and enjoy some nice cars it just didn’t matter.

Jack got his start with cars at a very young age as his Dad liked cars back in the 1950’s.  He remembers that his Dad bought a 1955 Buick Super and automatically thought it was the coolest car ever.  The cars that stood out the most to Jack were always the air-cooled cars and these were dominating 24 hours of Sebring back then.  As he got older Jack began to take notice of Muscle Cars and European sports cars.  Him and a friend drove cross-country in a Jaguar XK140 to surf on the West coast.  Jack would eventually work his way into a 1956 Porsche Speedster.  The car was a little rough around the edges and had some rust, but, being a short order cook would only allow him to purchase so much.  This is how Jack ultimately came to own the beautiful maroon Beck’s Speedster in these pictures.

All in all, Jack just loves being around cars.  Ultimately he would like to pick up a 1965 Corvette 327 once he decides to sell the Speedster.  “If I had more time and money I would probably be Jay Leno,” is how Jack described his love for cars.  I think this is a sentiment we can all relate to.

As Jack was growing up, his family was always a bit political.  He grew up in the Vietnam Era and always had a good knowledge of politics.  This led him to want to get into the political arena once he quit working.  He ran for District Rep 149 and only lost by a little bit.  This loss gave him the bug.  A bug very similar to the car bug.  Once you get bitten, it’s hard to turn away.  One day as we were all sitting down talking at the “Vintage on Enclave” car meet I thought I heard someone say that Jack was running for Mayor of Houston.  A few short weeks later there were signs, water bottles, and a place for them to call home and run their campaign from.

When Jack isn’t driving his car or talking to people about his candidacy for Mayor you can usually find his nose in a book somewhere.  He still considers himself a student of history and likes to find out the reason why things happen.  He also enjoys the debate and finding the truth in the situation.

“We want to make things here again and employ more people.” – Jack O’Connor

I want to thank Jack for taking the time out of your busy day to have me over there.  I really enjoyed sitting down to talk to you about your history and why you are running for Mayor.  You already had my vote at the word “Speedster” though.



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