Life NonStop: Part 3 out of 5!

I was recently asked to cover a special event for the guys over at NonStopTuning, NST for short.  Cody Slack over at the Apex US Blog has been working on a documentary series on NST.  I missed the first two parts to this series, however, it was easy to see how much blood, sweat, and tears went into making them.  Cody has done a fantastic job covering everything about NST and how they function so I will leave you to watch the series for yourself.  Check out the video here…

NonStop Refreshment!

The night began with me heading over to a fairly nice little gated community in town.  I loaded up the address to my Google Navigation app on my smart phone and it tried to drive me into a brick wall.  WHAT THE HELL?!  Good thing I was paying attention or you might have seen me on failblog at some point (lol).  After figuring my way around said wall of brick I finally made it to the clubhouse.

Mr. Slack himself!

I got there a little early while Mike Mike and Cody were setting up the video.  As I familiarized myself with the part of the clubhouse we were using people started to arrive.  I tried to make sure to introduce myself to as many people as I could, but, I do get caught up in the camera sometimes.

The alcohol was flowing and everyone was having a great time.  Folks downstairs were playing pool and shuffleboard while folks upstairs did some mingling.  Finally Mike Mike called everyone upstairs and announced what this particular part of the documentary series covered and fired it up!  Part 3 of Life NonStop was awesome!  Cody did a fantastic job.  Please look for a feature on NST and Mike Mike coming up in the very near future.

I want to thank Mike Mike and the guys over at NST for having me over to check this out.  I can’t wait for the next two parts!

Mike Mike!
The gang!



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