Meet Mike Mike, a Man That Doesn’t Stop!

When modifying a car, any car, there are different paths one can choose to get started.  Some folks like to start with the suspension, some start with the exterior, others begin with a set of wheels and tires, and some start with the heart of the beast.  The heart I am referring to is the motor.  To twist this beginning point even further kind of depends on whether or not you drive an import or a domestic.  Import guys generally begin with the intake, header, and exhaust system while their domestic counterparts add a nice set of underdrive pullies to the equation.  These are the simplest of modifications and, in some cases, offer quite a good return on power.  This is where Mike (we all know him as Mike Mike) and NonStopTuning come in.

Mike Mike and NST are the leaders in sport compact pulley development.  I have handled and installed my fair share of pulley kits in my days working on cars.  I can honestly tell you that NonStopTuning puts out nothing but a long-lasting and quality pulley.  They have an array of pulleys available for many makes and models of cars and trucks.  On top of all of this NST maintains an award-winning race team.  They travel all over the United States each season competing in drift events with guys like Chelsea Denofa, Will Parsons, and Aaron Losey.  I had a chance to talk to Mike Mike a few weeks ago and he showed me around the NonStopTuning office.

Mike’s interest in cars and motorsports began when he was a teenager.  His main goal with modifying his first car was to make it faster and more efficient.  He began tinkering with a black 1992 Toyota Tercel coupe.  That’s right, a Tercel, and he told me it had a “frankenstein” motor in it.  I was already hooked when he said Tercel (lol).  In the early 2000’s, after working on a few different cars, he began to learn drifting and road racing.  This ultimately led to Mike opening NonStopTuning out of pure necessity in January of 2005.  He had already studied International Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston so opening a business of his own was already in the cards.

His biggest challenge with NST is finding the right funding to be able to do the things they want to do.  They do their own R&D/manufacturing, they are heavily involved in grassroots motorsports, and they spend a good bit of change on marketing and selling their products.  The capital has to come from somewhere right?  Considering how successful they are at just keeping up with their own schedule each year it is easy to see that they have great products.  A main focus of NST is building brand recognition and awareness.  Take a step inside their showroom and you will see very little that doesn’t have the NST brand on it somewhere.  Looking into the future, Mike would like to have a west coast and an east coast based office as a large percentage of their sales come from these two seaboards.

When I asked what he enjoys doing in his spare time he just kind of stared at me for a second.  Believe me, this is something I am used to (lol).  “That’s all I do, NonStop!” Mike said.  When there is downtime he enjoys going to baseball games, turning his phone off, and he likes to sit down with a good beer.  Mike also enjoys traveling to places like Southern California and Las Vegas.  He does quite a bit of traveling between the months of March and October to various drift events all over the country.  The team at NST is usually on the road at least once a month during this time of the year.  They are one of the few teams out there that keep up with the demanding schedules and they are VERY competitive in everything they do.  Mike is currently working on finding more funding to help his business grow.  He would like to expand the NST brand and product catalog.  One big thing to keep in mind when it comes to NonStopTuning is that everything they sell is designed, built, and sold right here in the United States.

I want to thank Mike Mike for having me over for a little while.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the office and I will be on his customer list anytime I am working on a car.  Look out for NST in the future.  They have been and always will be doing great things for our community.  Please visit their website at and check out what they have to offer.

This the world with pins on places that they have shipped products to.

The man himself!



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