Oliver’s WRX Definitely Wants More!

Oliver, still hungry, grabbed his bowl and walked up to the front of lunchroom.  As he made his way down towards Mr. Bumble each child stopped eating and turned to see what he was doing.  Oliver held his bowl up and said “Please sir, may I have some more?”  This enraged and confused Mr. Bumble…wait…hold up…wrong Oliver.  My bad folks.  The Oliver in question here isn’t a skinny little workhouse boy.  This Oliver drives this beautiful silver WRX.  A WRX that is affectionately known as “The Bugeye.”

photo by: Erik Christensen

Oliver was always “that” kid growing up.  He would break things just to see if he could put them back together again (please put my phone down Oliver!).  His mindset was always of a mechanical nature and, like most of us, he wanted to know how things work, how to make it better, and how to make it different.  Oliver’s Uncle used to build circle track cars in his garage from the ground up and would race them almost every weekend.  So his first real introduction to cars was out on the track with his Uncle.  Once Oliver got into high school he naturally got in good with the gearheads.  They built mostly muscle cars like Dusters, El Caminos, and Malibus.  Oliver’s first car was a 1973 Chevelle SS that would ultimately end up with 454cid big block and a TH400 transmission.  He drove this around everyday for about a year until his electrical system and oil pump failed him at the track.  This led to him turning that beautiful big block into a very large paperweight since no oil means bad things!  Since he was in school and barely had a budget to eat he couldn’t afford to piece the SS back together.  Oliver ended up selling the car to a guy that lived down his street for a ridiculous price.  This guy had it back on the road within a month much to Oliver’s chagrin.

After the mishap with the Chevelle Oliver needed a car.  So his Uncle sold him a 1990 Honda CRX.  “Stupid Imports” is how he initially described his relationship with the CRX.  After popping the motor in the CRX he finally began to research what these things were capable of doing.  He found a shop on the southside called Hocus Pocus  that gave him some direction.  That direction led to a Frankenstein B18 with a Vtec (yo!) head.  He was in love.  The car was quick, nimble, and damn near indestructible.  He tried his hand in a few more arenas such as Auto-X and a few road courses and was hooked on imports after that.

All in all Oliver has owned about 13 cars.  Not all of them were modded since he just needed some form of transportation for a while.  When you have a single mom with 2 kids money can be scarce (I hear ya homie).  Topping that list of cars was a 1992 Chevy Cavalier that would hold about 4″ of water in the floorboards when it rained (lol).  There was also a 1995 Civic hatch with bolt-ons and a Bomex body kit, a 1999 Chevy S10 Xtreme, an SVO Mustang that ended up getting a 350cid V8 before it was sold, a S13 240sx, and an S2000 that his wife drove.  Right now they are rocking a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT and a Honda CR-V for the daily duties.  Then, of course, there is this beautiful 2002 Subaru WRX pictured here.

Oliver always loved the looks of the WRX affectionately known as “The Bugeye.”  His favorite part is that the car is super reliable and it’s paid off.  Let’s not forget to mention that BEAUTIFUL boxer rumble either.  Keith and the guys over at AWDTuning have been instrumental in keeping this beauty in top-notch condition.  Others that are key players with Oliver’s WRX are Wally and the crew at Gillman Subaru, Alan Albrecht at Gunnshot Fab, and Greg at Underground Graphics.  Without the support from these guys and the support from his other families at Gracie Barra TX and Rogue Alliance car club Oliver would not be where he is at today with the car.

The WRX was picked up when it had a mere 20k miles on the odometer and today it sits just below 80k.  Not too shabby for a 10-year-old car right?  Oliver is currently a Subsystem Manager/Program Specialist for NASA.  Close enough for government work right?  When I asked Oliver about his dream car I was barraged with answers from all over the map.  This list included something from the 1930’s or 1940’s era, another muscle car like the Chevelle, an EVO V or VI, Datsun 510, an early Skyline, an R33/R34 Skyline, an RX7, or a NSX.  I think I covered most of them.  Looking into the future is a bit uncertain with the WRX.  To stay competitive he would have to look into custom paint and a new interior.  He is also already working on another project that should see the light of day right here on AutoModia.  “Ahhhh….the decisions us grown children have to make!” said Oliver.  We completely understand.

I want to thank Oliver for coming and hanging out with Erik and I for a little while so we could shoot this beauty.  I have a feeling he will be gracing the pages of AutoModia again soon.

photo by: Erik Christensen

Motor / Drivetrain
– 2002 WRX EJ20
– Tuned by Keith Fields of AWDTuning (322 awhp / 292 ft.lbs @ 21psi)
– Deatschwerks 850cc injectors
– SSAC Stealth Front Mount Intercooler
– IHI VF-34 Turbo
– Walboro 255L Fuel Pump
– Grimmspeed 3-port BCS
– Grimmspeed EWG Uppipe
– TiAL 38mm External Wastegate
– 4″ SSAC Bellmouth Downpipe
– 3″ SSAC Turbo Back Exhaust
– Kartboy Short Shifter
– Kartboy Shifter Bushings
– Kartboy Urethane Exhaust Hangers
– SPT Short Ram Intake
– SPT Turbo Heatshield
– SPT Intake Heatshield
– Forge 100% atm BOV
– Level Motorsports Grounding Kit
– Perrin Catch Can
– Gunnshot Fab Carbon Fiber Dress Up Kit (alt. cover, fuse cover, solenoid cover)
– APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud
– Tein Hood Dampeners

– Megan Track Coilovers
– Cusco Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
– Cusco Front Sway Bar
– Kartboy Solid Rear Endlinks
– GT Spec Rear T-Brace Kit
– GT Spec Fender Braces
– Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
– STi Front Strut Tower Brace
– Goodrich SS Brake Lines
– Hawk HPS Pads
– Powerslot Slotted rotors
– Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
– Whiteline Outrigger Bushing Kit

– USDM STi V7 Interior Swap (F/R Door cards and seats)
– Cusco Roll Cage powdercoated red
– Sparco Suede Steering wheel
– NRG Gen2 Quick Release and hub
– Cusco CF crossbar bracing
– Custom mounted Pioneer tweeters in rear door cards
– Pioneer Speaker Component throughout
– Kartboy Knuckleball Shift Knob
– Blitz DC-II Turbo Timer
– ProSport White/Red Gauges (Boost, Oil Pressure, Voltage)
– AEM UEGO Wideband A/F Gauge
– Custom corner mount gauge pod
– 2x Netami 4 point Racing Harness
– ATI 3 Gage Clock Pod
– Custom Corner Mount Gauge Pod
– STi Shifter Trim
– STi Floor Mats (Blue)
– Alpine W205 DVD/CD Headunit
– JDM Armrest Extension
– Custom Black Interior Trim
– Black headliner
– Interior Flair custom LED cabin replacement and custom door switches.

– 18″ x 8.5″ +35 Axis Hiro’s w/ custom striping
– 245/35/18 Eagle F1 Tires
– Muteki Red Lugs
– BC Racing Front Lip
– Liberal Grille
– Custom Gunnshot Fab carbon fiber front plate delete
– Custom Gunnshot Fab carbon fiber bumper trim
– Chargespeed WRC Carbon Fiber Mirrors
– VIS Carbon Fiber Trunk
– Seibon CWII Carbon Fiber Hood
– Seibon 04/05 Carbon Fiber STi Hood Scoop
– USDM WRX OEM Rear Aero Lip
– USDM WRX OEM Rear Diffuser
– USDM WRX OEM Rear Strakes
– JDM WRX Aeroguards
– Jun Eyelids
– Koji Modded Headlights
– Yellow Tinted Foglights
– STi Carbon Fiber Sidemarkers
– STi Mesh Fog Covers
– Hella Supertones
– Aerocatch custom mounted hood pins
– JDM S203 CF STi spoiler
– Omni12 9k HID’s in headlights and foglights
– Custom 2 toned vinyl roof wrap
– Tinted Tails
– Vinyl by Underground Graphics

– Rogue Alliance

Thanks to:
– AWDTuning
– Gunnshot Fab
– Omni 12
– Interior Flair
– Gillman Subaru SW
– Underground Graphics
– Gracie Barra TX – Team Draculino

-Gabe AM


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