Antonio’s Civic Duty!

I forgot how much I enjoyed the smell of pine trees, so, a couple weekends ago I made the drive from my house to The Woodlands to do a photo shoot.  It seems that I wasn’t the only one that likes the smell of pine.  I grabbed a couple bottles of pop and met up with Antonio. He resides up north in College Station as a student at Texas A&M “doin work.”  He is majoring in Architecture and double minoring in Philosophy and Creative Studies.  What!?  Is this guy hankering for punishment in the form of countless hours of studying and missed car events?  The answer is yes and no.  Antonio regularly makes the drive to support Houston’s community more often than a lot of locals.  He is a true enthusiast.  The scenic route down from College Station provides a semi challenging drive and also keeps drive time short.

Then the rains came and kept on coming.  Rain seems to put everyone in a depressed kind of mood, unless you’re a four year old child.  I think when you’re photographing cars it makes the cars almost seem more raw and realistic when they are wet.

When I asked Antonio about what keeps him motivated he told me, “My brother actually got me into cars, and I found that modifying my car, being able to change it to reflect myself and my tastes, was something I had a passion for. If I were an artist, my car would be my canvas.” A response only an future architect could give.

“It’s my passion.  My niche.  It’s something I could never imagine giving up completely in my life. Plus, I want to continue to see the car scene thrive.  And to do that, it requires people with a love for cars and modifying cars.  People like me.”

“My family thinks it’s “cool” but a complete waste of money and time.” (haha) We have never heard that from anyone of our family members…ever!

Look for more on his friend Libby's Mini coming soon on AM!

Mods include:

Hondata FlashPro – (Password:JDM Tuned)

Full line of CorSportUSA Bushings

17×8 +35 Desmond Wise Sport Super Wides

BE-RS Front Strut Bar

BE-RS H-Brace

Misano Red Pearl Paint –from Audi

Carbon Creations CF Hood

Carbon Creations CF Trunk

APR GTC-200 Spoiler

APR Canards

Thanks go to: Team Sun*Works, my girlfriend Brittany, friends, family, Tony Nguyen at Basis Sport Tuning, and to Gabe and Erik at

-AM Erik


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