The Pursuit of Speed!

I don’t know many people on this planet that dislike fast cars.  The ones I do know all drive stock Toyota Pruiseseses and think car enthusiasts are the bane of mother nature.  Even my non-car friends, who know nothing about cars, tend to enjoy and appreciate everything a fast car can accomplish.  The beauty of the construction, the skill it takes to sit behind the wheel, and the overall speed and prowess of each different machine.  Most of the folks that know me understand that I am a sincere die-hard Ford Mustang fanatic.  Let me back that up real quick and say that I love most everything with wheels and a motor.  There is just something about the Mustang that stirs my soul and pulls at my heart-strings.  While I was searching for my first Mustang to shoot the only criteria I had set was that the car be an epic interpretation of America’s favorite pony car.  Enter Chris “Litebulb” Watts and this beautifully un-assuming retro styled 2006 Mustang GT.

When the license plate isn’t being hogged up by the parachute it would take quite the discerning eye to realize what is going on here.  The Shelby GT500 front end gives way to a fairly stock GT body with a subtle two-tone paint scheme.  Dark Blue with a Dark Grey top is something you almost have to be standing on top of to catch.  Throw on a nice set of SVT wheels and some sticky tires and click the finish button.  Done right?  WRONG!  What you are looking at is the fastest 3-valve engined Mustang on planet earth.  PLANET EARTH!  The pursuit of speed referred to in the title of this article is the pursuit of 200mph at The Texas Mile in Goliad, TX.  Twin Borg-Warner turbos are nestled snugly under the hood of this 1100hp beast.  Then follows a veritable plethora of necessary supporting modifications that make this Mustang a unique and fantastic ride.

Chris always wanted a fast car while he was growing up.  Nobody in his family really had one and the closest he could get was a Saleen FoxBody Mustang owned by his Mom’s friend.  What a beautiful introduction to the world of Mustangs right?  He was hooked.  Chris’ first car is the one you see gracing this article.  A 2006 Mustang GT.  He took it to the track in Sealy, won 2nd place in that evenings bracket races, and took home a trophy.  He did all of this while he had 6 month old twin daughters waiting for him at home.  In its short life the car has gone from running 12.5s with bolt-ons to an 11.29 on a stock block and whipple supercharger to its current iteration.

During his adventure with this Mustang he has owned a handful of other cars as well.  Chris bought 1990 Mustang GT from a soldier being deployed to Iraq, a 1991 turbo 2.3L Mustang from a guy with more teeth in his pocket than in his mouth, and a 1994 Mustang with a 347 stroker motor.  His favorite out of the bunch was a 2003 SVT Focus that he used to Autocross.  After a host of suspension mods and a tune he was running circles around stock C5 Corvettes and Mazdaspeed 3’s at track events.  Did anyone forget that he still had twin daughters at home? (lol)

One thing that keeps him going is that his two daughters are his biggest fans.  The girls love to ride in and participate in the events he attends.  “I’ll never forget my daughters, at the track, in strollers trying to look over the retaining walls trying to watch it go by,” said Chris.  During the day Chris is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Watts Electric.  A company his father started in 1983 that he is 4.5 years into heading up.  They do all types of electrical work all over our great city.  In his spare time you can find Chris hanging out with his Dad and his family.  He is now the father of 4 children and the fiance of one VERY understanding woman.  A great combination all around.

I want to thank Chris for coming to hang out with my girlfriend and I for a while so I could shoot this beautiful Mustang.  Even though it hasn’t reached the goal of 200mph yet I know that he isn’t far from that accomplishment.

-AM Gabe


4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Speed!”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity Gabe! I had a great time out there with you. So far my record at the mile of 190.2mph still holds, that is till march when we go back with new fuel pumps and 3 extra pumps just in case!! Thanks again.

  2. LOVE how subtle the exterior look on this car. Y u no has bead rolled intake pipe? Haha. I like your solution better.

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