Scott’s Backdraft Cobra is on Fire!

Every once in a great while you come across a girl who just catches your eye and makes you run right into that pole that you couldn’t see.  When she effortlessly struts by you just become silly putty in her hands.  Your heart beats faster, your eyes grow bigger and forget how to blink, your jaw hits the floor, and you are generally considered a moron until she is out of sight.  Drooling and inaudible speech are very common side effects of said female.  Very common and very acceptable.

This is precisely what happened to me the first time I saw, wait, scratch that, the first time I heard Scott’s Cobra.  I was simply headed down the driveway to check my mailbox when this intoxicating noise filled the air.  The Keith Craft built, 427 cube 351W Dart block was singing through its chrome side exhaust as Scott rowed through a few gears.  This Backdraft Shelby Replica appeared down at the end of my street draped in this beautiful orange paint, stripes, and chrome accents.  All thought had left my mind at this point.  As the Cobra loudly made its way past my driveway all I could do is think of one thing.  I had to have her, um, it, I mean I needed to capture this beauty for the website.  Yeah, that’s what I meant.

I would have numerous run-ins with the car itself long before I ever met Scott.  It’s like it was haunting my day-to-day ability to function.  Then one day, as I was covering Blast to the Past After Hours, I saw the Cobra again and introduced myself to Scott.  A few short months later you have what you see here.

After some quick chats with Scott I quickly found out that he is a bit of a horsepower nut.  Like that’s a bad thing right?  “The chicks dig fast cars,” he said.  The word “fast” describes all the vehicles he has owned in the past.  A total of 3 diesel trucks and a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro join the list with his Cobra.  The Camaro and each of the trucks put out over 500hp.  The current iteration of the Cobra is rated at 618hp.  Other than the joy of building such an amazing Cobra, Scotts 2nd favorite part of owning this beauty is all of the attention it brings everywhere he goes.

Scott spent 11 years in the big crane industry and now sells the load systems for them.  Judging by the amount of awesome wrapped up in these pictures it is easy to tell he is very good at what he does.  If he could do one thing different with the car Scott said he would have built a big turbo motor for more horsepower.  Something that I can’t bring myself to disagree with.

I want to thank Scott for bringing the car out so I could take a few pictures of it.  I enjoyed getting to spend a little one-on-one time with such a beautiful and well-built machine.  I also need to thank Sean at West Houston Muscle.  If it hadn’t been for his event this photo shoot may never have happened.

-AM Gabe


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