Triggs is a Madman! Part 1 of 2

I am sure that most people here know the sound your car makes when it scrapes something right?  It really doesn’t matter if you have a lowered car or one that is 4×4 status.  You scrape things.  It is a way of life.  Those of us that own and have owned lowered cars experience it more than others.  It’s a sound that just cuts right to your bones.  The sound of your hard work getting peeled away by the pavement.  A sound that sticks with you for a little while after it happens.  Some folks choose to use an airbag suspension so that there is less chance of scraping.  This allows maximum lowness as soon as the car is parked for that sexy stance.  Then there are folks like Zach Triggs and his 1994 Lexus SC300.

Zachs pretty little Lexus cleans the streets at a measurement that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  He does this on Powered by Max coilovers which means the car sits at this height all day.  The ride height, or lack there of, is complemented by a set of custom teal powdercoated 18×9.5 MB Battles shod in 215/35R18 tires.  The flushness of the wheels is further aided by 25mm spacers as well.  There is no doubt that Zachs pucker factor is somewhere above a level 10.  Perhaps he is used to it though.

The rest of the car was kept really simple.  Under the hood you will find a Koyo Radiator and what’s left of a Blitz Nur Spec R catback exhaust.  Did I mention he has scraped a few things?  The interior carries an Eonon double din in dash CD player, an NRG short hub and quick release, and a Nardi Deep Corn 350mm suede steering wheel.

The exterior is where Zach sought to set this simplistic beauty apart from the rest of the world though.  The car itself only has a refreshed set of 94-96 taillights and a 92-94 OEM front lip.  Flip down the license plate and you enter a whole world of awesome.  He has a trailer hitch mounted under there.  A trailer hitch that helps him pull around his custom trailer for his 2007 Honda Ruckus.  The trailer rocks the same wheels that the car rocks.  Same color, same offsets, same everything.  Awesome!  Zach found a way to marry two things that he really loves into one great package.

Stay tuned for more on Zach and his Ruckus in part 2 of “Triggs is a Madman!”

-AM Gabe


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