Blast to the Past After Hours, Part Deux

Sometimes when you arrive at an event a little early it can get boring.  Not all the cars and people are there yet and you end up lapping the same 50-100 cars a few times.  The first Blast to the Past event of the year did not fit this bill at all, at least not for the photographers.  Venn (from Mayday Garage) and myself found a little nugget of picture-taking beauty.  We found a small window between some light poles that a lot of the cars were driving past to get to Caliber Collision.  This provided the perfect venue for panning shots and that is exactly what we did while waiting for the parking lot to fill up.

Anyone that knows how we shoot knows that I have developed a small obsession for panning shots.  So I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do.

As the event filled up and the atmosphere really woke up we began to see some of the awesome cars that Houston has to offer.  Everything you could imagine from lifted trucks down to the dumped old school imports were in attendance at Blast to the Past.  The organizer Sean has found a common ground on which to bring all sides of our community together and he has done a fantastic job at it.

I had a great time catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones.  I cant wait to see what Sean has in store for Blast to the Past and West Houston Muscle.

-AM Gabe


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