Triggs is a Madman!, Part Deux of Deux

That awkward moment when two regular white guys are going in for a handshake.  The real awkward moment is when one is heading for the traditional handshake and the other is going for a “Bro” handshake.  Two hands meet and now you are locked in a limbo of trying to figure out which awkward way you can get out of this, well, awkwardness (lol).  This is exactly what happened the first time I met Zach Triggs.  I was out at Planet Zero taking pictures when he rolled up with his two beauties.  I had to walk across the parking lot to track him down and introduce myself.  That’s when the awkward handshake happened.  (Hey, I used awkward 5 times in this paragraph…oops…make that 6! lol).

Part deux of Zach’s feature is all about that beautiful Honda Ruckus.  The Ruckus has become very popular over the last few years and there are quite a few companies slangin’ parts for them now.  This particular Ruckus is a simple beauty that matches the other simple beauty in Zach’s life.  AK Garageworks got the call for his 10×8 fatty wheel kit, the lowered seat frame, and custom exhaust.  Next he moved over to the Password:JDM team to pick up a JDM handle bar and stem, JDM Pegs, and license plate relocation kit.  The rest of the Ruckus consists of an ATR Gas Tank Cover, ATR Coilover (just one lol), a Posh CDI, K&N Intake, Kijima Kickstand, and that beautiful Bride wrapped seat.

What really sparked Zach’s interest in modding cars and bikes is something that he doesn’t like to admit.  The movie begins with the word “Fast” and ends with the word…wait for it…….wait for it……I hope your not mad today because that last word is “Furious.”  Even with this love for the franchise he has managed to never get a ticket with either of his rides.

As a recent UTI graduate, Zach is looking forward to getting into the auto business to get his hands dirty.  At the tender age of 19 he is only on the ground floor.

If he could do something different with the Ruckus, well, he never would have bought it (lol).  He would have shoved a 2JZ-GTE into his SC300 and learned how to get sideways in it.

Big thanks to Zach for letting me shoot his two little beauties.  I promise that next time we meet there won’t be any awkwardness…maybe.

-AM Gabe


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