Cupcakin’ for Tiffany!

The word “Cupcakin” was coined by Tiffany and her crew for the various Cupcake Meets they throw around Texas and the South.  They will go out and choose a charity to “Cupcake” for such as The Wounded Warrior Project from Cupcake Meet 11 in San Antonio.  Coincidentally that is where these pictures were taken.

Tiffany has been helping to donate to various charities all over the place and she does that by bringing the automotive community together for a big meet.  Obviously she can’t take all the praise as there is a team of people working to make these meets happen each year.  February 4th, 2012 will mark Cupcake Meet’s 3rd year of “Cupcakin.”  These guys are very good at what they do and what they do is help others.

What you see here is Tiffany’s very own 2005 Infiniti G35.  She picked this beauty up in August of 2010 with 75,000 miles on the odometer and has since put over 20,000 miles on it.  Every time I see a status update from Tiffany on Facebook she is always driving halfway across the state of Texas.  Sometimes even farther than that.  Tiffany’s love for modifying cars came by watching her friends modify their cars in high school.  Taking a stock canvas and painting her own picture was a big draw for her.  The first car she modified was a 2007 Scion tC before moving on to this current Infiniti.  Her favorite part about the G35 is how quick it is and how it handles in drag racing, road racing, and auto-crossing.

During the day you will usually find Tiffany with her nose buried in a car magazine…err…I mean her school books.  By night she is the President of Cupcake Meet where the motto is: “Bringing Car Enthusiasts Together.”  I think we have all seen that she is very good at doing just that.  Eventually Tiffany would like to own either a Dodge Challenger or a Ferrari Enzo.  Two very opposite ends of the spectrum, but, I can dig it…as long as it’s an SRT-8 (lol).


I want to thank Tiffany for hanging out with me for a little bit during the busy Cupcake Meet in San Antonio.  Please join the CCM crew for their 3rd anniversary this weekend February 4th in Austin, Texas.  They will be “Cupcakin” for Mothers.

-AM Gabe


2 thoughts on “Cupcakin’ for Tiffany!”

  1. CCM is not only a community filled with people that have the same interests but for those who have a passion for what they love and work on every day! Cupcakin’ for wounded warriors was such a great turnout & hope Austin’s CCM 12′ event does better! ScionrideZ supports CupCake Meet!

    Tiffany is also a great person & that’s what sets get appart from the crowd. She’s a young talented lady that is passionate about her ridez. Much love to tiff! 🙂

    -Irving.. ScionrideZ Austin prez

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