Her Name is Silvia!

In my world, getting lost in the moment means losing myself in a big hunk of gorgeous metal that we call the automobile.  Beauty can be found in even the smallest, cheapest, and most unreliable cars for me.  Getting lost in a car should come to me very easily.  However, there are only a handful of cars owned and built by everyday people who really capture my attention.  I’m not talking about anything exotic or anything that fits in the supercar list either.  What I am referring to may be hard to spot to the untrained eye.  One may pass by these cars a handful of times and never give it a double take.  It could look fairly stock or it could be heavily modified and you may just be numb to seeing said modifications.  It’s that second glance that pulls you into the car’s world.  That second glance will begin to tell the story of the car.  You get dragged in by one small detail and all of a sudden you realize that you are looking at beauty in its finest form.

These cars are usually very well-kept.  The owner has a meticulous eye for every small detail and never lets a hair get out-of-place.  It’s easy to tell that the car gets driven and sometimes driven hard.  The limits are pushed and then it is returned to the normal life of being one truely exceptional vehicle.  No matter what happens to it, the car is always immediately returned to the previous pristine condition.  The paint is always clean, the body lines are always straight, the motor is kept in great condition, and the interior barely sees a spec of dust.  These are the exact qualities that I found in Jace’s gorgeous Nissan Silvia.

This particular Silvia did not start life out as a 240sx.  There was no swap over to right-hand drive.  What you see is how it came from the factory in Japan.  A true JDM dream.  The exterior is adorned with an Origin – Lab Aggressive Type II body kit, a triple projector headlight swap, and matador red paint.  That’s keeping it simple while setting it apart from your everyday Nissan.

Dig a little deeper and you will find that Jace spent more time refining the chassis, suspension, and motor in his Silvia.  HKS Hi-PerMax coilovers, Cusco rear strut tower bar, and 17″ Super Advan wheels help keep this girl on the pavement.  Sitting underneath the wheels is a set of Nissan Z32 brakes.  Popping the hood reveals a HKS Intake, Buddy Club Spec 2 exhaust, Blitz DD blow-off  valve, and a HKS front-mount intercooler with Greddy piping.  Topping all this off is a Top Secret PROcess tune making this the only S13 in the United States with that distinction.

Keeping Jace from getting thrown around the interior is a set of GT-R seats and Sparco 3pt. racing harnesses.  These go perfectly with the Top Secret shift knob, quick release, and Nardi Classic steering wheel.  If you believe it or not, Jace actually drives this car.  We had to reschedule the photoshoot a few times due to a few issues from things like autocross ouchies and the like.  It’s great to see such a nice car get used for what it was built for.

Jace is a man of many hobbies with cars coming close to the top of his list.  He has been a competitive fighting game player for almost 10 years and has recently tried his hand at Formula 1 simulators.  Above all this though is his love for cars which he calls “A man’s getaway from everything.”  When Jace is stressed out he just takes out a ratchet set and goes to tinker with his Silvia.  His history of cars and modding is fairly long coming in at 12 cars total.  A handful of Civics, a 1990 Acura Integra, an Acura RSX-S, Honda CR-V, Scion tC, and a 2009 Toyota Corolla join the list along with his Silvia.  There were a couple of daily drivers in there that never got modified, however, the rest of them met some form of modification in their time.

“I enjoy the purity of the Silvia as a sports economy car, there’s so many that try to do it, but even in stock form…this car did it right.  Each modification not only helps the car perform even better, but the driver somehow feels more at one with the car with carefully executed modification.”  Not only has Jace had the pleasure of meeting Smoky Nagata, he has also had Mr. Nagata tune his Silvia and help it become more at one with himself.  His ultimate resource and adviser for this beautiful Nissan is his friend Hajime.  This duo of car guys gained a lot of inspiration for this car from the man Smoky at Top Secret Japan.  Clearly a match made in heaven.

During the day Jace is just a regular businessman and when he isn’t doing his usual duties you can find him as the Event Coordinator for Import Reactor Houston at the Anime Matsuri Convention each year.  His dream car would have him doing all this from the seat of an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish…or a Ferrari F-40.  I very nice choice.  If there was something that he wanted to do different with the car he would certainly just do it.  His time and number of modded cars has taught him to go slow, take your time, and do it right the first time around.

I want to thank Jace for coming to hang out with us and for surviving us playing “feature shoot” tag for a while (lol).  He has told me that there is quite a few mods sitting in his garage and there are bigger plans in the future for the S13 so I am looking forward to MANY updates!

-AM Gabe


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