LoneStar Drift Series, Round 1 presented by NonStopTuning!

March 17th, 2012 marked the date of round one of the LoneStar Drift series hosted by NonStopTuning.  This was a day filled with much awesomeness in the form of cars sliding past us sideways about 20ft. away (sometimes closer than that…lol).  The other part of that awesomeness was getting to see the folks you have seen featured right here on AutoModia get their hands dirty making these beauties slide.  We watched the boys from PowerFab work on Stewart Leask’s car as they diagnosed and fixed a problem.  We got to see Mike Mike from NonStopTuning out talking to customers about their pulley kits and getting his NST drift cars where they needed to go.  Kendra Messer was out with her good-looking self selling t-shirts and other swag.  All-in-all it was a great day.

The day really started a little shaky for me.  After driving through traffic all the way down to Gulf Greyhound Park I finally managed to get to the gates and piss off the nice lady taking payments.  I was a bit of a douchebag for about 14 seconds and once I realized the err of my ways I apologized for being said douchebag.  Hey, we all have our moments (lol).  After this I found out that BunBun was chasing me around the parking lot in a car that I didn’t recognize.  He texted me and told me he was right behind me but all I saw was the hood of a Toyota Sequoia and I was looking for his Corolla.  Once he parked right next to me I had a big facepalm…and the day began (lol).

The event itself was fantastic.  Lots of nice cars and great drivers sliding all over the place.  Cones were killed, bumpers were torn off, and many MANY tires were shredded on that course.  I really only remember one incident where a couple of 240’s got into each other, but, I guess they exchanged insurance information and got on with their day.  Does Geico cover drifting accidents?

At the end of the day Will Parsons from NonStopTuning pulled away with First Place Overall so a huge congratulations goes out to him and his team at NST.  I heard through the grapevine that Mr. Parsons had been awake and working for about 30 hours beforehand trying to diagnose a last-minute problem.  “Will Parsons is the TRUE embodiment of the phrase NonStop. He is one of the hardest working men in the sport of drifting and he NEVER Stops Trying to make things happen,” Mike Mike from NonStopTuning.  That S2000 powered AE86 was just a beauty to shoot as well.

Side note: I really am beginning to enjoy Motorsports photography.  Keeping up with these cars and getting a good shot is very challenging but also very rewarding with enough practice.  I hope everyone enjoys the video that BunBun put together and the pictures that were taken by yours truly.

-AM Gabe


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